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quote My account might show now to maintain 6 figures. You will be shown by history of it seven figure was gone up to by me then withdrawal. And its going back as background to 2013; Before than I had a different broker and that background is going back to 2009. Same figure account entering 7 figure. I cant fake a 6 figure account. Nor cant play with it. Yes, I have some others smaller account that I examine some new items (those at exactly what you bark like a madmen) however im talking about main account herE. I dare you do sssssshhhhttttttt or exactly the same! Whatever the case, you are filled with...
listen to, thats the problem!
I began also some accounts with 6 figures since I had a fantastic job.
And I also do sometimes withdraw 6 figures a month for business opportunities or real estates. thats normal.
But we all speak about here is our personal thing. Its useless to speak about, since anything we speak about here can be faked and not true.

And incidentally: Struggling with photoshop or in spite of html (when using metatrader) is so easy, that if anyone trust anything online, he'd be have a problem.

Only by meeting someone in reality you can see by taking a look at their accounts, the way they live, who they know, about speaking with them,.... You can trust someone. And the majority of time they utilize same brokers and therefore are already known the majority of time within broker.... I would never do anything other style, and never met with a person.

If you really do different with some millions, then really one good information: dont do it. There are several fakers out, you lose time and show no men that are fair personal things. And time I can spend once, cash you can get back never.