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    I discovered forex five decades ago. I have come of times to find advice or any magical system that would make millions for me personally. Tried handful of them and wasn't pleased of results. And remainder of them were too preoccupied for me to understand (maybe cuz I am dumb ). So, now I have developed my own simple system. Well really 10 of them. My thinking is, if most these 10 systems would have achieved well past five years (backtesting), what are the possibilities that more than half of them would loose me money. This would be analogous to getting invested into ten stocks rather than few. . .Well you get my point. So, I am opening this thread to keep track of functionality of my own systems. That's about it, so I will just await the next signal. I have one important rule: no trading on Fridays.

    These progr are mechanical systems together with statistical analysis and are currently tested on demonion.

    Instance of statistical analysis:
    If there is a price movement of zz pips in xx:xx, what are the odds of price moving yy pips longer? (Based on five year data)

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    Entry order two:
    Sell EURUSD Entry order @ 1.3690 STOP @ 1.3712

    Entry order triggered 10:45

    Trade closed 10:50 at 1.36948

    SYS2: -4.8pips

    was supposed to cancel entry order @ 10:30
    Well, that's why you need to demo b4 going live.

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    Was away from pc from 1PM and 12PM. Missed couple of transactions. If I just could stay awake for 24h/4.


    EURUSD BUY Entry order @ 1.36931 Stop @ 1.36731

    5:55 Entrance order Requires

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    Entry order EURUSD Sell @ 1.3693 stop @ 1.3733 Goal 1.3676
    7:55 Entry order cancelled

    Entry 0rder EURUSD BUY @ 1.3690 stop @ 1.3670
    7:55 Entry order cancelled

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    Didn't follow market Wednesday. Busy doing different things than trading. Missed some fantastic signs.

    Missed 1 great sign this afternoon:

    Sell sign @ 7:05
    Close @ 10:50
    45 pips

    Rationale for lost: I had been sleeping.
    Is that a fantastic enough reason?
    Keeping track of 10 systems is a daunting task, so, I'm going to shed five of these.
    System1 Contains seven subsystems: Sub1, Sub2, Sub3, Sub4, Sub5, Sub6, Sub7

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    Wow, this thread had slid all of the way to the next page. It's not prepared to be put to dusty shelves of archives nonetheless.

    Plus olympics are over therefore, I should be able to find time to post my progress here. Also, I see there are nearly 300 perspectives of my diary, which means that should further motivate me to keep it updated. Altough, I don't understand why anybody could be interested in it. It's not like I will give away my trading secrets. Forex planet is a dog eat dog world, and I want to maintain my advantage.

    Enough of nonsense. I added 35 more subsystems last week. It's not really that tough to maintain with so many systems although not all them are traded at precisely the exact same time. Each subsystem is traded just when it's opportune time to get started trading it, at less opportune time that it's not traded in any way. All systems are indior established mechanical systems. All of them are 8 years back tested and found to be earning 200 to 500 pips every year (hypothetical results). If you're afraid of getting money, using multiple approaches is way to proceed. It also makes it harder to make massive returns but so what? I am not here to bet, I am here to earn money. Forget 100% a month, 100% a year is enough to turn $10000 into $1000000 in 10 years (seven years in the event that you're able to avoid taxation ). O.K. I just downloaded last weeks data and I' m going to analyze it to determine which systems are busy for the next week.

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    Since the title of the thread is check out my transactions I thought I might post an illuion:

    Among my egies gave an entrance signal at 1.36305, Goal was 1.3673.

    Afterwards I noticed a summit in A, assumed there could be stops at B and Sharks would opt for all these stops. Decided to moved target to 1.36640.

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    Well as you can see goal was hit, but would have the preceding goal. Didn't realise there could be stops at C also. Didn't stick to egy and it cost me 9 pips.

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    I was looking at several other threads in diary section, and noticed a few of them are giving reside calls soI thought maybe thats's what I want to do to make my thread more interesting. So,here we go:

    SYS2: EURUSD SELLEntry @ 1.37088 Stop @1.3730 2MINILOTS

    In case Entrys are not hit within certian period, they're cancelled.
    Higher propability trades are taken with numerous lots.

    What I want to see is yearly, possibly weekly, consistent yields in dollar amount, not in pips.

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    The signal above is a result of mechanical methods, but I get some confirmation from fibo also:

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