Alv Trading Journal - Price Action w/ Sentiment
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Thread: Alv Trading Journal - Price Action w/ Sentiment

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    Let see...

    I start to create this diary to make me recall what's good and bad in my trades.In expect if I trade and write what's in my thoughts at that time, I'll be better remembering important thing about these trades.

    My reside trade beginning at 23-jan-12 (it's chinese new year!) , after it's been demo since I registered ff.

    Time is on GMT 7

    The method is price action in pristine price chart w/ sentiment.

    23-Oct Update

    Trade on Fit Trend Size Timeframe

    27-Jan Update: Targeting constant result with MAX 40 pip/day (roughly 17% return)
    2-Feb Update: Currently scalping/swinging just in EURUSD. Earlier was AUDUSD.
    6-Feb Update: Currently swinging in EURUSD with goal 80 pip/trade.
    14-Feb Update: Trade any price pattern which may make profit (scalping/swinging/intraday) and trade on the most comfortable market (EURUSD AUDUSD GBPAUD)
    25-May Update: trade on GBPAUD - EURJPY - XAUUSD
    15-Jun Update: trade on EURUSD - GBPJPY
    23-Feb Update: Trade any price pattern which may make profit (scalping/swinging/intraday)
    9 - Jul Update: Trade on M15
    9-Jul Update: trade EURUSD - AUDUSD - GBPUSD - EURJPY
    29-Jul Update: Trade on M5
    3-Sep Update: trade on almost any major pair
    25-Sep Update: Trade on Price Fit Timeframe
    16-Oct Update: Trade pairs selection on Fit Trend Size Timeframe

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    On going buy @ 1.04961, SL @1.04851 on 16:20

    for now it may have a good outcome. The current second leg (M15) is still much inferior from yesterday. Hoping it will nonetheless continue after a sizable pullback.

    The buy entry is somewhat hesitant one. Could just purchased on 1.04921 (4 pip better) but hesitated:/

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    Buy @ 1.04961 obtained SL hit @ 1.05379 = 41.8 pip

    in the 2nd leg has started. There are still possibilities that the trend will continue after 2 leg pullback. To reduce attraction down I believe it's far better to depart and then re-enter after the pullback end.

    I forgot that in a powerful trend there will be an attempt for the price to test the extreme. TP should be on 18:05 close as opposed to get SL about the 18:05 low

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    Sell @ 1.05625

    TP 15 pip, SL @1.05729

    Three Pushes, and after a failed collapse breakout of trading range.

    Edit: I think it's expanding triangle instead of three pushes wedge

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    Sell @ 1.05625 obtained TP hit @ 1.05467 = 16 pip

    TP was reduced (profit increased) by 1 pip. This was due to the unsuccessful high 2 which anticipated will be a bit hard down.

    Selling while the previous swing extreme remains higher high is a bit creepy. Should get this type of trading less.

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    Resembles that is the final trade in my very first day!

    Complete pip gained
    18.7 (morning commerce , not shown) - 0.01 (breakeven slippage) 41.8 16 = 76.4 pip

    I am quite satisfied

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    Buy @ 1.05241

    TP 10 pip, SL @ 1.05159

    trendline rejection

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    Buy @ 1.05241 obtained SL hit = - 8.2 pip

    appears like trendline rejection alone isn't too good to trade. More within a strong trend (I overlooked to see the final swing lower high )

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    Sell @ 1.05146

    TP 15 pip, SL @ 1.05210

    Continuing down Tendency, breakout pullback

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    Sell @ 1.05146 obtained TP hit = 15 pip

    1st low pullback after the failed trade. Looks like it is still going down. Looking for a pullback.

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