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    Hello all!

    After years of experiments, sleepless nights, deep analysises and explosion of accounts, I made a humble egy in just 1 perspective: Consistency is your holy grail.

    This is sort of a self-trading journal like others, simply to value the process in a clear way. Trading is an alive concept like cultures and languages, and individual plogy is the key factor that affects those sticks so far as I experienced some years of trading.



    Monthly Yield:%5 -
    Annual Yield:` - percent 120


    I expect everyone reaches their main goals without sinking their ships in this crazy sea called global market.


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    Thank you!

    I envision my capital as a small bucket with a very small buckle. Along with the market - an immense and demanding ocean that has erratic stre and waves. If you maintain your bucket merely a couple of seconds longer to fill out more, it's doubtless potential to lose what you have with a sudden opposite stream.

    I prefer to wait till I could foresee the direction of the flow and wave, and then allow the water fill my bucket. Not much, but protected for sure. Trading itself already includes hazardous danger, that wouldn't be a good fellow of consistency if we attempt to fill the bucket by holding interior of the sea.

    The egy has been demoning a efficient performance so far, but it's too early to determine whether it's a tough-guy as it appears.

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    This week awarded me with an outstanding%6,1 growth. The score is marvelous while we're so near the end of April.

    The key of allowing your emotions from this stage is knowing exactly what and why you are doing with the consciousness of the risk. Mathematics and news of course carry importance on trading, but if you ignore simple bare human plogy, mathematics and other factors can't help to rescue your capital.

    Know that the human, understand the human brain and you are in the game.


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    should you keep learning something from your mistakes, there is no hestitation which you will reach you aim.

    My aim is becoming consistent, and I keep improving my abilities and learning something out of everything I face during my journey.

    I have already reached my monthly target in May with the outstanding%9,45 growth. I'll keep detecting the charts and responses to unanticipated news. Though I really don't like this respect, it is a truth being a sniper brings success. Wait till there is no chance to miss the target.

    Stay secure, crave for consistency.

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    Since the time passes, my bleief in plogy get stronger.

    As stated earlier, geared expansion of May has been reached with%9,45. I kept observing the marked silently, and opted to have a few more trades that I see an opportunity. And guess what?

    An amazing result with percent 24 growth. Like said before, I won't ever anticipate that much on following months, my monthly aim is really certain. It has been two weeks since I have been trying this philosophy, never failed so far. This diary would be to see together if that philosophy brings me consistency or not.

    It is possible to achive anything using a relieved and stressless mind. Understand the motions, try to see the most important intention of people who cause those moves and choose your own position.

    Happy weekends.

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    virtually everyone,

    No more trade has been done until end of May, I shut with $ growth. And with the beginning of June, I took my place and started to wait for the right moment to pull the rigger. Guess what? The opportunity has arrived more way earlier than expected, I took the trade and closed with %8,93 profit!

    This opoourtunity might have arrived on the previous day of this month, there's no rush -and desire - to try to create it done that ancient. However, if yI see the opportunity, I take it.

    My journey has been on the trail and keeps eduing me enourmus experiences. Failure is the best teacher on the way of consistency, if I think as if I learned it all, I'm pretty sure that I'll fail.

    Best Regards.

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    Wait for May, I expect that June and these months will be good!

    I believe that you are correct, knowing to remain humble constantly and especially when successful is a key to success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Congratulations for May, I expect that June and the following months will be as good! I believe that you're correct, knowing to remain humble at all times and specially when effective is a key to achievement.
    Thank you for your kind wishes!

    In the event the market would work like a machine, only mathematics would be more than enough for the achievement. If translation the economic data will be enough to have a position, then there would be tens of thousands of retail traders who earn more than they can spend for their entire lives. As far as I observe, all of written above are cruical to be consistent, but they're definitely not game-changer. My travel is all about discovering every single corner of the mindset to be consistent.

    There is always something else beyond general approaches and accessible understanding.


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    Very appropriate you are consistency is the holy grail in this market. Will be following. Please post charts of accepted trades analysis behind them, would love to see them. Your drawdown is wonderful! Just 1.6 far! Wish you good luck in this endeavor.


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