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Thread: Rainbow Patterns/Observations

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    I'm using this journal to post charts of unique patterns I have come across using Linuxtroll's rainbow. . .and to record my progress with it also.

    So, first of all, here's the thread: Linuxtroll Simple Scalping

    Andhere is Linuxtroll's ebook: additionally titled, http://www.cyrox.com

    Alsothere are already two journals concerning the rainbow...

    Kharvell's journal: Watch My Blue Rainbow

    's journal: Blue Waves

    OK, on to the charts...

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    Hi Nhallmark
    which is the program you use for these charts on apple?

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    Another one. . .same item as the previous two...

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    I look forward to seeing your progress! You're doing great so far! Journals are one of the greatest ways. Be sure to post your losers, also, since let's face it, nobody's perfect, and this gives you something to look forth.

    Best of luck,


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    Here is a pattern I've noticed a few times. When it does so (spine spinning but price has not taken off yet) the consequent move is usually somewhat significant...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I look forward to watching your progress! You are doing good so far! Journals are one of the greatest ways to think about your trading . Make sure you post your losers, also, because let's face it, nobody is perfect, and this will give you something to look forth.

    Best of luck,

    Due man. I will make sure to post the losers as well. Im actually more interested in posting those because it helps me understand. . .you is able to look at charts with winning trades all day and never get anywhere. . .lol.

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    Here is the Bernanke/Bush speech a week ago and what I saw...

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    And here's what I saw on today's NFP(the resulting move 2 hours after )...

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    For the record, Im double posting some of those charts(I already posted them around the Linuxtroll thread), but I am trying to gather them in one place so they're easier to find later on.

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    This is a breakout pattern I'm discovering that seems to be dependable so far. However, it is hard to notice as its occurring. In the first chart, it reveals the chart looked like before the huge fall happened.

    The next is about the same pattern on the chart of the Bernanke speech I just submitted. Nevertheless, Im not sure I would have traded this breakout since, with addresses, price could whipsaw really bad.

    Anyway, charts...

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