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    Have decided to start a journal .

    The diary will be a place I will talk to myself (the first sign of insanity!) And post trades and develop as a trader.

    Trading methods that I use include PA based off service and resistance, fibs (mainly 50), trendlines, bounces off long term moving averages.

    Timeframes include weekly, daily, 4hr, 1hr.

    Other systems/methods: occassionaly consider the Auslanco original way of trading GJ on 4hr/1hr, DIBS, Jacko design Euro trades, TT5 (by ), 4hr inside pubs, gap trades, and a fantastic little observation I've made regarding the position of the daily IBFX Sunday pub relative to the 5ema.

    Although I've never scalped or utilized EAs in my personal trading,'m always open to new egies IF at the end of the day they grow my account balance

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    Appears every little trade I made since making my weekly target failed. Belkow transactions stopped out.

    Then as I watched the carry trade unwind with prices gapping rather than repsecting any specialized analysis (but for the 4HR DBHLC on Euro, I jumped , possibly a little too much money on the table as prices flew down but I have now seen 3 of these meltdowns and noticed what happens. Rode them out till only after the oil inventories news and exited since the prices retraced and it was past my bedtime and was too scared to hold during the night. Needless to say I have only seen that prices went on to move the following 100% of my profits but oh well, I have way exceeded my weekly goal.

    Had shorts on Euro in 1.4454, depart 1.4368, at 1.4476 exit 1.4350,

    2 EJ shorts at 156.05 depart 155.4 and 155.38 depart 154.5
    and GJ in 190.59 depart 190.25.

    Overall, gain this week: 21.7%, complete gail because August 10th: 41.2percent

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    Just entered Two DIBS Transactions risking 1R Every on Cable and Euro

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    Current transactions:

    long Aussie off by the 4hr snare bars which bounced off the 365ma - goal 0.9659 but watching the 4hr 150ema just below resistance. just. Long Kiwi off the 4hr pb - goal 0.7519. Both transactions reveal TT5 trend change.

    Couple of Euro longs around 1.5675 based off 365 ema touch. Target way out there at 1.6 for the time being.

    GC brief entry at 4hr resistance below 50fib.

    Couple of GJ shorts, one centered off TT5, entrance 214.96, other Auslanco egy at 213.83. Haven't managed this transaction so well as I should have exited at lower support around the 4hr 150ema (but was targeting the 365.) Has formed and reversed the commerce stalling. UJ has stalled at major resistance.

    edit: cheers Parlenk!

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    Alrighty! Been away from trading for a couple of months - really been great. Above trades shut and/stopped out on US$ strength.

    Just entered 2 trades risking 1R each. Extended Eur/Usd - pleasant gap, weekly confluence entrance 1.4953, cease 1.4853, will track.

    Gbp/Jpy - pleasant gap, entrance 210.44, cease 209.70, TP 211.50

    Gbp/Usd - also entered a fast gap trade, entrance at 1.9170, target 1.92. Gain: 30 pips.

    GJ - trade closed for 1.4R
    GU - trade shut for 0.3R nice beginning to this week!

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    UJ DIBS short, entrance 109.97. Risk 1 percent

    half taken off at 109.78. Free trade. Realised I majorly filled with my stop at 74pips instead of 19! Damn. Profit 0.13R!

    EU, trailing stop of 100 moved to 1.4983. 0.3R secured in.

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    Another UJ DIBS Brief entry 109.67 Risk 1%

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    EU stopped out for 0.35R.

    Trade 5 stopped out for -1R

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    Trade 4 (free trade) stopped out for -0.13R

    Trade 6 - put a sell stop on AU 4hr I4B. Entry 0.8804
    Risk 1%.
    Business confidence being published soon. Being some negative press in the media concerning the market worsening.

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    Trade 6 triggered. Currently 65. Cease moved to 24. Employing a 50 pip trailing stop. TP at 0.8530 around weekly .

    Edit: stopped out for 0.65R

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