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Thread: My 60 day challenge (Yes i know another hero...)

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    Hello ,

    2011 simply started so I will probably pick up my struggle .
    The primary intention was to get from 100 to 10.00 in 60 days. Well we all know what happend, I got busted! .

    I learned a lot form the very first diary, espescially my bad habbits.
    My weakpoint is my mind, so I worked on it, but remains require a lot more practice.

    So the objective of the thread / diary is to be profitable after 60 days. There's no deadline to get from xx dollar to xx dollar.
    My main goal is to be profitable every week.

    Let see whether I could reach this time....

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello All,

    My goal for this journal is to prove to myself and others if it's possible for someone to start with $100 and try to reach $10.000 in about 60 days of investing.

    Through this forum I met two very good-skilled men ( and G).
    I learned from them to utilize the so called SFT method (simple farmer trading system ).
    I´ve clinic a few months this method, but not with to numerous achievement. I had some good runs, and pleasant earnings, but my biggest problem is my feelings and mindsetting. Due to feelings I´m still struggling...
    BTW english isn't my native language, therefore apologize for my poor english.

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    Outcomes Daily 46.

    My very first entries on trades were not great today. Needed to add second trades to get a profit or BE. Probably believing too much. Overall profit is ok.

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    Hi, Glad see your jurnal welcome and here.

    Very first thing I should say I really like too know what's your Money adminiion? 8% !

    So , you dont want too send live signals and article on your own trading time or you may post after you positions closed and target or sl's riched...???

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi, Glad too see your jurnal here and welcome.

    Very first thing that I should say I actually like too know what is your Currency adminiion? 8% !

    So , you dont need also send live signals and post in your trading time or you will post after you positions closed and goal or sl's riched...???

    Thnx to your post.

    My cash management isn't the usally 1 or 2%. I compute my commerce size this manner.
    Equilibrium / quantity of pips = commerce dimensions. (based on leverage of 400)
    My daily goal quantity of pips is about 40.
    This might imply 127/40 = 3,2 = 3
    3 * 40 pips = $12.

    I know this is very risky and you'll be able to blow up your account stop fast. (It's happened to me).

    But with this method, you may be incorrect. My problem is to determine if I am really incorrect or when I have a chance to defend my bad trade.
    Additionally overtrading is sometimes my problem (like today).

    Since I also have a daily task, I will not place live trade signals here. My comprehension of a journal is to keep some kind of track record.
    I will post daily when my trading day is finished.


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    This day began okay. The first three trades were ok and ended up with a wonderful profit of 14,74%.
    I must have stopped at that moment. But I moved on trying to make more.... This is one of my weak points, overtrading. But greedy and lack of patience are bad habits of mine.
    I took the 4th trade at a wrong point. Waited too long for the news. Price dropped down a lot, took the following trade to get BE at a lower point, however price went much lower.
    After some terrible news in the usa, price turned into my leadership. I didn't add another place to reduce my BE point more.
    Only clossed all of my trades and my profit of 14,74% become a profit of 2.59%.

    So lessons learned now, in the event that you have a fantastic profit / daily target just close the trading platform and revel in your day. Saves a lot of stress and time!

    Tomorrow another opportunity to get 8 percent!


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    Nowadays started Okay. 1st and 2nd trade where ok.
    3rd was a reduction .

    Although I have stated it yesterday, I did not stop trading when I reached my tgt. So no transactions after tgt especially when it is almost closing time for London.

    Now I reached my goal for the very first time. I Wound up with a profit of $12.09 = 9,25percent


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    Another trading day.
    When I woke up, price was previously the NY rollover, pp and band, but also at H4. This may mean price wanted to go up until London open. However there was also GBP news around 6:00 GMT. So I opted to stay out. Well price went up....

    My 1st and 2nd short trades were entered too early, but after a while it turned ok. Need some aptience. 3rd was ok too.
    4th was wrong. Entered a long while price was (downmoving) band. What was thinking . Well I could escape at BE.

    Result of now $24,03 profit =gt; 16,82percent


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    Dude, seriously, how do you trade such charting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    dude, seriously, how can you exchange with such charting?
    LOL, well initially I needed to learn to use this chart setups. I didn't create them myself, but one person I learn from made these templates.

    This is not the only chart I use. I got a number of ones with greater timeframes (rather than all charts are squeezed like this one).
    I use a lot the daily/weekly and yearly pivot levels and NY rollover.
    According to those levels and some rings on the charts I take my transactions.

    Now wasn't a excellent example of my entrances..., but the R2 is obviously very good resistance (and goal ) also the WH3 was in precisely the exact same level as R2, so I kept my shorts.

    Plus it's ofcourse easier to analyse the chart when it's already created .

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    Now was Okay.
    1st trade was extended, during Franky it had been in a loss, but when London opened it turned into profit. Nice to see franky create a downward move (franky imitation ) so that there was a fantastic chance London would go up. I might have included a very long time during Franky, but I discovered it too late when price has been already turning up again.
    Target for 1st trade was approximately daily PP.

    2nd long was ok, took it when price was at ring and aimed for another 20 pips so that my goal was reached.

    Result of now $24,40 profit =gt; 14,62%

    Result of the week $64,33 meaning an average of 8,5% profit a day.

    Have a fantastic weekend, cu next week.

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