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    Sold USDJPY 121.36 Goal open. Trail 15

    Stop loss if 121.42 broken above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Good luck with your trading. Expecting your trading leads to many pips!
    Thanks WH

    we're going to have quite mix trend now.

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    UJ ceased 17.

    Bought EURUSD 1.3009, stop loss 30, target 1.3040 trail 15

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    Sell stop EURUSD 1.3112 Stop 1.3150, TP 1.3092

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    Sorry long time no update

    Todays Signal:

    Sold EURUSD 1.3125 Discontinue 1.3145 Limit 1.3095
    Buy Limit EURUSD 1.3060 Discontinue 1.3030 Limit 1.3090

    Sold GBPUSD 1.9562 Stop 1.9582 Limit 1.9520
    Buy Limit GBPUSD 1.9500 Stop 1.9460 Limit 1.9550

    Great Luck

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    Bought USDCAD 1.1620 Stop 1.1600 Target open, Trail 20

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    Hello guys I chose to start demo account for you to see the signals. I am not selling signal but whomever interested to understand my technique you're welcome to become my student.

    Northfinance broker

    ID: 425824
    read only pwd: db8lohx

    good luck and good trading

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi guys I chose to open demo account for you to see the signs. I am not selling sign but whoever curious to learn my technique you're welcome to become my pupil.

    Northfinance broker

    ID: 425824
    read just pwd: db8lohx

    good luck and good trading
    There were a couple of people here looking for mentors. This ought to be very appealing to them. Maybe consider posting your results in the Journal Section?

    Good Luck

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    Giving somebody signals doesn't make them your student. In order for it to occur, you not only must provide the signal, but more importantly, show them why and how you came up with this specific signal. This way they learn how to do it for themselves.

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    wow! Pretty remarkable results! 6.5% profit in a single day. What methodology are you using?

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