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    This is an effort to log live trades based on cryten's Supernova system. For system details, see

    Edited oct 1, 2007: Boys and girls, don't get discouraged by my first outcomes hehehe. (It gets better with time.) Or you might want to skip a few pages and leap to post #70 (page 5) that is when the bots came to my life

    Edited oct 13, 2007:

    For those of you new to this thread, please be certain that everyone here participating in this thread is quite generous of their time, tips, tests, ideas, etc. and we are extremely happy to answer pertinent questions at all times.

    But don't ask questions which have already been broadly answered, for example:
    - exactly what pairs work best?
    - exactly what time frame do you use?
    - what is the setting for x,y,z indior?
    - what version of the ea are you currently using?
    - etc..

    I'll update ON THIS PAGE the post which contains the most up to date table of Optimal Settings, in the event you wish not to read the whole thread and proceed directly there (I advise you to read the whole thread, yet, it's not too long, and will provide you an notion of what we're trying to accomplish).

    I'll also update the version of the ea I use if ever I upgrade.

    In case your question is directed at other members, they are free of course to answer your questions or not (and use the magical word or not).

    Note the magical word of the day: NATCHOS. This word will frequently change. I use it to filter the people who have not read this page.

    Optimal settings tables are currently being revised.
    For latest edition of EA and indiors, see primary thread.

    This is my first trade:

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    18:49 Price is 20 pips from entry @ 233.86
    Moved SL to 233.71 5 pips

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    Hehehe. I had been in the kitchen. And I begin hearing THE ALERT. Rush back and there it is BADABOUM!

    Well I've got 5 pips from this one anyway. Look Ma! I left some pips!

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    Too bad I did not enter in the other direction, look where it is right now.

    Who stated Sundays were boring lol?

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    Too bad I didn't enter from the other direction, look at it is at now.

    Who said Sunday's were dull lol?

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    Ooops need to attach document. Looks like spaghetti dripping onto the ground

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    Hi qpip,

    Fantastic idea about starting a Journal up.

    $$ in your pocket are always a good way to begin the week!!!

    Firstly a proposal, since you're moving your sl often in the inital stages, have you had a look at the managetp EA. The version 3.1 has quite some good attributes, and you'll be able to allow it to be close tight lots, proceed the sl after in a certain number of pips profit etc.. Not sure if you've had a look at this, but it possibly worthwhile experimentation.

    Secondly, so I think I know the system, would the 4th or even 5th bar from the red dot not to be an entry point too? If it's, then is there a reason you did not take it (besides the fact you might have been too busy enjoying your sandwich!!)

    Happy pipping.


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    I need to either (1) review These SL's or wait for confirmation.

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