Ok now for some of the things I currently am doing, and also some of the things which the professional will which I'd like to be doing

for likely the past 6 months I have been doing these matters

-I have a trading egy with entry/exit/ money management rules.
- I conserve charts of the minute I put an entry order
- I keep an offline journal where I keep tabs on a heap of information for every trade and that I paste my own charts
-backtest and forward evaluation in simulator program
-I'm always reading some sort of forex/trading related book/pdf. In the previous 2 years ive read maybe 50 or so

So a number of the things I'd like to begin performing...

- often article in this online journal.
- article videos of some setups as im carrying them in order to capture what was going through my mind at the heat of the moment.
- often post in different threads atforexforum.co.zaand interact with other traders.
- Can MORE testing in simulator appliion.
-Print off charts of completed trades and keep them in a folder of some sort.

Fine up following sick write about my egy and rules and post some charts of recent transactions