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Thread: Alifari Trading Challenge - Level 1

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    Our aspirations are our possibilities. - Robert Browning
    Inspired by this thread wherein I've read numerous risk management design to realize high returns. This is one I'd be experimenting. Starting capital $1200 Target $8,000 (667% Profit) IN 5 Steps.

    Step 1 - Starting Capital $1,200 - This means I'd have 60 attempts to complete Step 1 ($20 x 60 = $1,200). I will begin using $20 on initial commerce and looking for 4 winning trades in a row with 100% risk on every trade and average 2R in profit.

    If I complete Step 1 my total equity would be $1,200 (Starting Capital) $1,600 (Profit) #8211; Number of failed attempts (1200 1600 -???) .

    Step 2: Start with ending Capital of Step 1 and so on looking for 4 winning commerce at a row with 100% risk on every trade and average 2R in profit. Same process will be repeated following every Step until Goal of 8,000/- (667 percent is attained )

    So the question is why looking for only 4 winning trades in a row for every measure. Well it is based on my trading history and rear examining that based on my trading style I've achieved 2R on 4 consecutive winning trades a lot a few times, as compare to 5 winners or 6 winners in a row.

    Furthermore, another advantage of trading this design is for every step I'd have around 60 or more attempts to complete that step and proceed to next level. So again based on my own trading history, back studying and my trading style, I am aware that there's high probability that I'd get 4 winners in a row at the subsequent 60 trades.

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