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Thread: Long Way To Go!!

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    New Journal to maintain myself subject. I'll be posting my incoherent rant and everything here.

    Rule 1- Just Trend trade. Looking at whatever from Monthly - 15mins charts.

    It is unacceptable to break this no.1 principle. If I can't adhere to this one significant principle, I am no different to the poor wannabe.

    Article will involve 2 different methodology;

    I) First largely on 15mins,
    ii) The other 1 4hrs.

    No attempting to ch tops or bottoms which is against the major trend, and that I should stop trading all together if I can't even follow this one simple rule.

    Careful with buying into Lower High (LH), vice versa.

    Outside donation is permitted.

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    GBPCHF 1hr
    1 entrance and rest as Sell Limit with tight SL.

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    Stopped out GBPJPY 15mins , -18 pips.

    I believe I will quit adding the 15mins entry method to the diary and adhere to 1hr and 4hr method rather.

    I will see how it grows for a week or two before making the decision.

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    Update on GBPCHF 1hr, price dropped throughout Asian session, didn't grow up enough to pick up my sell limit. Closed all limits and set to breakeven.

    AUDJPY 4hr, shot couple weeks back still running.

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    Chickened out of GJ, story of my life

    In GBAUD... Entered because of what I Presume is RRT.

    GAUD update, got stopped out through asian session.

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    Obtained taken out in breakeven on GCHF.
    Good entry, followed plan and feeling calm.

    AJ all horizontal. Entry, followed plan and feeling calm.

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    EURUSD - ordinary entrance, followed plan and feeling anxiety, not the strongest of entry as there is daily snare working against it.

    EURGBP - ordinary entrance, followed plan, not the strongest of entry as market have been trending upward for a little while today.

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    EURGBP stopped out.
    0.5 lot at -26 pips
    0.2 lot at -10 pips

    Entry on USDCAD - Great entry, followed plan and feeling calm

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