4x Comparing charts in the weekly timeframe
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Thread: 4x Comparing charts in the weekly timeframe

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    Hello and welcome.
    I'd like to use this thread to in connection with weekly charts.

    I have noticed - that this saying - quite much relates to the weekly charts:
    Newton's First Law of Motion: Objects that are in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by some external force.

    In the moment I like to look at it using Heikenashi candles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    24/9-2017 image image image image image
    Stopped ny W - of 24/9 - no green 4 candle

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    Attempting to see if Bk8 system works in w charts

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    Postions from Week 39 going on Weekly 40

    EU Long -
    EN Short Per
    NU Short

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    Weekly charts to choose between week 40
    ay short, cy short, eg lengthy, en extended, gch short, gu short, nc brief and ny short.

    Need to see how it goes today - and then choose beteen pairs to make 3 rankings.

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    Always wanted to see if BK8 H D egy could be used on W basis.
    However, - I shall give it a try with AU plus also a little volume.

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    In my check whether or not BK8 H D program might be used on W charts I offered at 0,78176 using a small number about 2 months ago.

    In its weekly f.x. uptrend - if there comes a reverse candle - it often begins the uptrend again another week.

    It's gone high and low -

    Well I'm not an analystical pro - that I am just stubborn when I get an idea.

    We will see next week.

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