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Thread: Unorganised trading - the quest for success of a Doomed trader

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    June 2009 funded my account with US$3977.99.
    (made a dumb mistake that cost me a lot. Delivered a TT of 6k in SGD! OMG WTF, therefore the US clearing bank ripped me apart and lost likely 300usd from the process. DUMB)

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    I Am in the Exact Same situation, more or less. Just can't think we will not finally succeed.

    Good luck!

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    only $56.16 for weekly. Pathetic but at least didn't end up with a loss for the week.

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    for the week of Sept 28 to Oct 2: down (-$58.05)
    for the current week of Oct 5 to 9 up $194.06 so far, Friday have not arrived yet.

    Those 2 weeks there were not any discipline, once the profit gets bigger, the more I am tempted to close my position too premature. Guilt sets in and makes the decision to wait. So I had been taking profit on positions that went farther and taking complete losses when I shouldn't have. Totally lacking in area. disgusting.

    I realise that I was also constantly considering my previous equity . Its affecting my trading such that any large retracement will shook my confidence. And I am now so prone to take modest profits... only for the sake of attempting not to fall too far in the equity . This problem is getting worse ever since I recouped the losses on the initial account. Got ta find a way to cancel this...

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    this week will end early for me as I will be off for two weeks. That means I can start trading oldest on 2 Nov 2009.

    This week am still plagued by the discipline problem, seeing the unrealised pnl float up and down simply makes me wanna do funny things to my orders. So as usual, cut my winning rankings short and take complete losses on losers. Oh crap...

    nevertheless still net about US$446 for the week. G/y has witnessed a few choppy but massive moves, someone definitely had a field day

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    Great luck to u too mate!

    Maybe only an automated system will really get rid of my subject problem.

    And I be away for 2 weeks, so I have no option but to close all my positions and not open some new ones. But consider g/y!!! holy cow! I can not believe I'm not at the greatest move I have encountered so much since trading it. I'm taking a look at a whooping lost opportunity cost of 2k usd. shi...

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    back to trading following almost a month break between. Barely a week and I will have to stop again, perhaps I shld really start looking into automation. Exploring on tradestation.

    Overly confident with my prior results and determined to up my trading dimension. STUPID choice. It just so happens the first 2 days are losing days, just after I up my leverage. No wonder many traders consistently believe the mkt is out for you lol. In truth, the mkt doesnt even know you exist, retail traders are simply too small. So its all down to the guy himself. So in short, I screwed up LOL. So all in all, dropped about 360usd in my comeback week, have to stop again. Expect I be.

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    was lucky to profit from gy's volatility this week following a couple of days of consolidation. Missed some trades due to ill-discipline. (always an issue )

    profit about US$980 for the week, traded only on 3 times.

    finally have a positive number for the Realized PL section. Hopefully it'll be just like tt from today lol

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    I believe ull be just fine
    only attempt to be a little more individual

    learning is obviously helpin u out big time. Ur learnin from ur mistakes along with the encounter ur gaining is great also

    most traders after years of trading still cant breakeven. Im not talking studying a system or using a egy or all that pretty stuff u see round the forum im speaking about basic experience that a human being gains from performing routine for a while (watching prices, reading news, etc.,...) like basic comprehension un profit. In spite of that experience many traders arent capable to survive. The simple fact that ur earning profit is deff a good thing

    attempt not to be affected from the cliches around. Just because what u do may be a little unconventional for the majority doesnt mean u shouldnt use it/consider it. The only trading method (I wouldnt call it method or egy because its lively ) that worked for me was something which the majority wont follow due to that human character response to it being unconventional/wrong. Ok enough about that I think u made my point

    simply do ur thang homie and ull be good.

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    hi boxing,

    tks for the kind words. I do hope I can do better than break-even for the times ahead lol.

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