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Thread: Unorganised trading - the quest for success of a Doomed trader

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    GY's volatility appears to be tamed by the silent dollar-yen. So decided to trd GU today instead as a proxyserver. Got a wonderful gain but it sounds I have got out too early again? Mainly due to the previous obvious swing . Wondering if it's going to be a powerful resistance point, didnt want to return, likely shld hv scaled out instead of getting out completely?

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    still finding it difficult to actually concentrate on the trading accessible. I guess this is the standard for most traders trading in home and not at a workplace environment? Found myself lost more and more trading days. The dec holiday mth is here, wonder if I must cease trading and start just in jan? I shld carry on trading. Since I never believed the effect of dec within my backtest anyhow. Any suggestions? Can you continue trading?

    Equity eventually breached the 6k mark... I think I'm only lucky... I need more lucky days to prove I will actually make it...

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    Most traders following a significant while of trading still can't breakeven. I am not agreeing talking carrying in a frame or having an arrangement or all of that beautiful stuff you see round the collecting I am talking fundamental experience a person picks up from performing routine in some time watching costs, perusing news, and so forth. Like essential information which you pick up. Indeed, even with that experience numerous traders are not ready to live. The way that you're making benefit is definitely something worth being thankful to.

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    You could take over this thread and pick up where Spice Monkey left .

    I am sure he wouldn't mind.... He's been gone.

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    Outcomes - Aug to Sep 09

    chose to place my trading ends in stone. Since I am so NOT organized and hoping I'll take a better look in my trading and be more disciplined.

    Beginning from the 2nd funding.

    attempting to exchange DIBS. The notorious DIBS method by peter crown in Did not have the patience. Had a small profit of around $14 though LOL

    following DIBS experimentation, currently trading the machine im currently utilizing. Starting 17 aug 2009. Going to upgrade this diary this day onwards. wish me luck! a Superb Loion. Even though I dont hv the decision to complete most threads that I deem precious, I heard a lot. From men like greg wilson, peter crown (especially), bemac, BRV, ... and many more. Wish all FFers good trading!

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