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Thread: Golden Levels: USD/JPY

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    This is thread is for posting golden level chart setups for USD/JPY only.

    You can find out more about how to exchange the process:

    gt;gt; Before posting charts: </b>

    Why transaction from golden S/R amounts?

    1. It's not necessary to predict. Predicting what the market is going to do regularly over time is, time taking, stressful and unnecessary.
    2. Faster compounding by trading by the ideal price amounts, using a high R:R (Risk:Reward ratio) and high win percent rate.
    3. Predictable revenue stream by closing trades for a reasonable R (not too low, not too large) and not relying on trends.
    4. Less stress: Considering that our trading is centered around finding price amounts to exchange from, we wait patiently for the market to return to us, not the other way round.
    5. Less monitoring the market: Since we specify price level to exchange from beforehand, we can use limit orders and/or price alerts.

    Which are golden degrees?

    Golden amounts are S/R (support/resistance) levels which are more reliable and much better priced than many S/R levels. They are found inside price ranges and are defined by many highs and lows on several time frames. An example:

    Another recent instance in oil. Note trading in the highs of this range could have led to a loss. Trading from amounts that exist at a range and are admired by price in the side are stronger and lead to additional profit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Golden Amounts
    Thank you Sir for Starting this up. Which TF you use for getting your golden degrees?

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    Recent price action is indiing significant pause into the prevailing tendency that is down or at least the end off. There should be some shorts who wish to grab this down tendency that is previous. The zone around 104.00 - 104.10 are the first area to look out for a short. The trend line must impede price momentum before price nears this price zone. The level around 104.34 ought to be considered the more conservative of the two short entrance levels as it's better priced and is very likely to confluence with the H4 200 exp. MA.


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    Wasn't monitoring this pair so I didn't take the brief. But this is an illuion of a set up: Downward momentum, profoundly put at round amount to slow price down as it means that the level and .50 fib confluence.



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    This pair's PA is currently dring after a week's Fed news release and the resulting rise in the USD. Late coming traders that missed the spike and now making up for the chance and are pursuing price. This produces an unstable price condition that usually resolves to the disadvantage as the trade that is lengthy gets bloated. Therefore shorts could be taken starting at 102.42. I'd prefer a brief entry to the higher degree at 102.64 which is closer to one of the H4 200 MAs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This pair's PA is dring after last week's Fed news release along with the consequent increase in the USD. Late coming traders who missed the spike and now making up for the lost opportunity and are chasing price. This creates an price condition that resolves into the disadvantage as the trade becomes bloated. Therefore shorts can be taken starting at 102.42. I would prefer a brief entry to the greater level at 102.64 that is closer to one of the H4 200 MAs. Http://
    PA deflated slightly below the target level. A move was produced by second try at it.


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