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Thread: Frostys Daily Trades - 100/40 1D EA method

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    I have been busy, as you can tell. I have not been posting much but I'm still keeping and trading the live stats. I closed all my transactions last night with a little profit for the week and following about $50 drop on account of the EUR/CAD. Of course, once I woke up this afternoon, it had retraced! Everything is going well with the system, I'm just trading seven pairs with pennies and I'm slowly rebuilding my wealth that I lost a couple of weeks ago. Loving every minute of this!

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    Great to hear out of the frost I thought maybe once you last huge loss, you had given up.

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    To quote a favorite fictional character: never give up, never surrender

    The 100/40 egy is solid and in the future you may come out ahead. It is the exact same concept, just different signs, although I modified it and utilize the bastardv04.

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    Today was a pretty difficult day for the 100 40... my 50/20 took a small hit, but it was able to recoup the loss by early afternoon. The 1 downfall to 100 40 on unique pairs is that regrettably you frees up to much risk even though the reward is there. It is hard once you get knocked down, let to stand up only to find your shoes tied together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Today was a pretty hard day for its 100 40... that my 50/20 took a small hit, but it managed to recoup the loss by early afternoon. The one downfall to 100 40 on different pairs is that regrettably it opens you up to much risk even though the reward is not there. It is hard once you get knocked down, allowed to stand up to find your shoes tied.
    The 100/40 was my very first successful EA but with its 3-400 range it's having a difficult time in these markets. Even the Eur/Chf went from range yesterday. This was unheard of earlier. Even the Eur/Gbp set a record of over 380 points. It had never gone over 148, my how times have changed.

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    Yeah, I took a big hit with all the movements. Next week, I will be fixing the problems I expect. Back to Square 1 this week, I'm afraid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yeah, I took a pretty big hit with the EUR moves today. I will be fixing the problems I hope. Back to Square 1 week, I'm afraid.
    Hi Frost,

    I see you are having ups and downs too. I have decided to call it quits about the 100/40 EA. I lose it all and more in one moment and then would get a good run. Demo.

    Hope you can discover how to consistent profits with the machine. You can, if anybody can do it.

    Keep in contact,

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    How do we upgrade the currency fact sheet, do we have to eye it manually?

    Might assist in currency choices and maby setting specific tp and prevent losses for different currencies

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    Since I use the closing this thread. Im getting home from a looong vaion so it will take some time, although I'll eventually make a thread for your own Bastard.

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    And for the new year.

    Frosty, I hope you have great success trading the EAs. You seem to work with.

    You and Nannningbob may nevertheless come up with the greatest trading system. Hang in there.

    Here's a small gift for you:
    It's a youtube movie called The Whipsaw Song by trading superstar Ed Seykota.
    It's not new -- it's been here earlier -- but it is funny and it is something to keep you entertained as you wait for another transaction. I hope you enjoy it.

    Best wishes,

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