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    Hello all.

    Simple scalping. Thought I'd discuss the egy that I use.

    Scalping suits me. I would rather be out of the market more than inside.

    1 or 5 Min chart, Any pair, low spread.

    Bollinger bands 25:2:Close
    Smoothed MA 120 High
    Smoothed MA 120 Low

    The dual MAs are handy when price is there. Stops you wondering where price is shutting and gives a bit of a buffer.

    Management- BB ma in relation to main MAs

    Sell off upper band TP lower band.
    Vice versa for long

    If market is sideways, still valid but better value when MAs start to trend.

    Keep a watch out for major s/r (Be cautious if your signal is at prev swing high/low. Here,a little bit of Price action and price breakout knowledge is handy).
    If not sure, its always better to leave it and wait for a better chance. These opportunities will crop up heaps of times daily.

    High impact news - Personally I stay out until its out of the way.

    SL up to you.
    Prev swing high/low is most likely best.

    Less is more !

    That's it.
    Good luck
    Please notice. I won't be sharing some of my private trades (besides illuion purposes) nor can I provide trading signals.
    Your trades are your responsibility and yours alone.
    I'm simply sharing a trading technique that has been successful for me.

    EDIT -- Attachment 2480300 Nice add on developed and contributed by . Makes entry opportunities easier to see

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    Jenx , Try record -- save as image.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Not really a slew of transactions as I admire MM even if demonion , I also try not to trade more than 1 pair in the exact same time. Ever since last week DD has been decent and but again we are just at the same week of training. Stop is previous swing high ( or shutting above the MA's ) whichever comes first , as per Jenx principles but the system is flexible for your personal creativity , some could even open in the opposite direction according to a greater timeframe ( hedge ) so you can play it to develop with whatever you are familiar with...
    hello sam, any chance you can place your template please? This really is the first time that I have seen their transactions are posted by anyoneif demonion, and I must say, I am quite impressed. Thankyou in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Part of the benefit is the rule of not carrying 2 in a row. Generally; if you have a entry another one is more than likely to be crappy. This IS a negative-sum match after all. I am not going to get into the other reasons why not carrying two is a good idea for your own egy but there is more than the component of controlling the greed to it. It sort of falls in line with everything I stated about waiting for re-entry since the longer it's from the Keltner rings the less risk when it re-enters.
    What I love about societal trading. Questions may lead to responses which can awaken a sleeping giant. The question that caused the answer that I've quoted above was great because he emphasized almost every one. Infact, even if the O.P. had his principles composed, something the majority of us don't, he'd more than likely notice that certain versions have a higher level of success than others. He may be able to identify in the previous 8 decades of trading many consecutive losses that variation led in, if he concentrates on this. He might have an advantage that's almost unbeatable if he blends that variation and martingale.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Harvest of the day! ( TP not struck due to spread ) picture
    what exactly was the planned SL as I see a lot of orders in the very top band wuth no protective step to the upside?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi , probably US session will push the price further down , although not certain if we reach the previous bottom on H4 today itself.
    Hello Sam, really pleasant one I got in following the pullback and got me 100 pips. What happened to your TE? You did so wonderful. I think Jenx has gold in his hands with his method...

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    Not been on here for a while.
    Hope its working well for you.
    I gave up in my S T R experiment.Was still trading this method daily alongside. Scalping is definitely the ticket.
    Only be in the market if you would like to be.

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    Dont want be impolite but this system doesnt has some advantage to be profitable in run

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    dont want be impolite but this egy doesnt has some statistical advantage to become profitable in long term
    None taken

    I don't attempt to get as many transactions in as I can.
    I'm happy to sit down in front of my computer for 30 minutes, an hour whatever awaiting a decent chance based on my principles.
    If a person comes along, the transaction rarely lasts more than 15/20 mins.
    I'm more than happy to take my 10/15 pips or anything, shut my laptop, get on my bicycle and visit the shore and come back later.
    You see this system is all about subjectivity. My trade is down to me. It's why it may never be automated to an ea.
    In any case, I have yet to see some ea work in the long term.
    The matter is, the previous days of fine intraday trends have ended thanks to this ultra low commissions and HFT systems coming from the east.
    In and outside. That's it.

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    For instance a commerce turned on U/J directly on London open this morning (9 am here in France)
    Only a little one , 9 pips internet. I am happy with this, although there may not be enough meat on this sandwich for some.
    Another sitter like which could turn up this morning, it may not. I don't care.
    In 10 mins I earned more money than I used to perform sat all day on roof in blazing sunshine.

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    Color me surprised. This system looks like it works well in a trending market. Utilizing close to your chart did some backtesting selling only in the management of the MA.

    That is ~48 pips in 4 hours using minimal drawdown. This system seems promising although will need to do so more testing. .

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