Anyone know how to make a chart alert?
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Thread: Anyone know how to make a chart alert?

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    Hi there

    I've 8 charts up on my screens spreading various currencies.
    I have orders placed for anything out of 3 up to all 8.

    In MT4 - at the order window - that the appropriate pair price turns green once you have been 10 pips away from your entrance.

    Is this possible ....

    Is it possible to make the appropriate chart flash at the exact same time as when the built-in MT4 price flashes as described above?

    Also - when the trade kicks in - is it possible to automate the appropriate chart to change color or something like this to show that I am in a trade for that particular pair (where the chart will soon be up on the display)???

    Thanks alot in advance for anyone who can help me.
    Just trying to make things seem Somewhat more visually easier. ))

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    Consider giving it a with my wife!

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    I left you a indy
    it shows the moment, and how long until next bar
    at the top left corner

    when price is over 10 pips of order, itl turn red
    otherwise green

    if theres no trades its own silver

    itl only work right if your just trading 1 commerce
    otherwise, its a toin coss

    itl need more coding to get greater trades

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    Fine, I newer did it using the orders
    T, would you finish it - 4 the hell of it and to have an illuion how-to... ?
    Thanks, guy

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    Since the markets shut, I cant test it, but I can code it to check the closest order to price

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    fine, I newer did it with all the orders
    T, so would you finish it - 4 the hell of it and to get an illuion how-to... ?
    Thanks, man

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    Well, I can place it into ea, test it
    im to tired tonight though

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    Sure, whenewer you feel like
    theres a cool new team - you TheMan!
    thanks a lot

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    So sorry everybody - I didnt phrase my question properly (looking back at it).
    What I basically wanted to reach is to get a chart to change template based on the following :

    (this way I can just make different templates for the next) :

    When a trade is a pending order - use template 01 (for example)
    When a trade order has been implemented - shift to template 02 (for example)

    but in between that (whilst market price is 10 pips from the Buy or Sell Entrance - I guess if another template change could occur there (that would be good).

    So that might indie that the first one (template 01) would need to have some form of inclusion like :

    When a trade is a pending order AND maybe not 10 or less than 10 pips from entry order THEN utilize template 01

    Hope this makes sense

    Reason I wanna do this is cause I have 8 charts on the display and may place orders on one to eight of these. In this way - I hope that at a glance I can view which ones are about to kick and exactly what transactions have been kicked .

    Thank you

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    Well, 1 step at the moment, anyhow
    as a indior (not ea attribute) - I'm not sure if it been ever performed before
    later-on it could be modified, expend, but most dificult - original measure

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    Much as I know, you cannot change templates from a ea or even indy
    nor the background

    I suppose the indy could draw a massive box and change its colors, looks the bar clock would be great
    its in top left corner, so you can see it even if theres a dozen charts on the screen

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