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Thread: Please script this

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    I want a script or EA that places a buy and sell pending order once a set price has been achieved.

    when price reaches X (set by user) both a buy and sell pending order is put 10pips above and below, with user set sl,ts and tp at pip value.

    If anyone can help or even lead me to an appropriate thread it would be much appreciated.

    Non invasive.

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    There are scripts on here which do this already. Only do a search and you should have no trouble finding one

    give it a try and if still nothing sick find one

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I've searched and may find nothing that really does exactly what I have described above.
    There are scripts that are shut but I have no programming skills so alterations are out of this queastion for me. Which is why I'm here asking nicely for support!

    Any direction would be appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    thanks for your reply.

    I have searched and could find nothing that does what I have described above.
    You will find scripts which are close but have no coding skills so adjustments are from the queastion for me personally. Which is why I'm here asking nicely for help!

    Any direction would be appreciated.

    Do you desire some other capabilities?

    //value which you are able to make adjustments
    extern double Giveyourpricevalue = 0;
    extern double sl=30; //default value stop loss
    extern double tp=30; //defalut value take profit
    extern double ts=30; //defalut value tracking cease
    extern double lotsize=0.1; //default value for lotsize

    //within the app, data that you may want it to show on your screen
    double AccountEquity=AccountEquity();
    double AccountBalance=AccountBalance();
    double CurrentProfit=AccountProfit();
    double disperse=MarketInfo(EURUSD,MODE_SPREAD);

    //requirement for your commerce to input

    if(Bid==Giveyourpricevalue and Giveyourpricevalue ! =0 and totallt;1)

    Ordersend for buystop comamnd;
    Ordersend for sellstop control;

    Together with the above, you want to manually key in the worth of your X price.

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    That sounds ideal!
    Does it exist or does this need to be written?
    Thanks for your time,

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