cAlgo for cTrader, looking for indior
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Thread: cAlgo for cTrader, looking for indior

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    Hello all, I think indiors coded for cAlgo are in C#, does anybody have an indy that shows daily, weekly and yearly levels displayed as horizontal lines such as on MT4.

    Or could some generous C# phile on here code me one?


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    can u do something like that for mt4 too? In attach is an indi that functions excelent for daily time period. Can u make it to work exactly the identical param for monthly and weekly?

    Thank you !

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    Hello..another guy uploaded another version of it: here it's. .

    Ps: I will attempt to create the one you desire. . .will let you know when it's ready!cheers.

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    Thank you!

    Maybe another interesting feature of this indi should be the time adjustment...

    EX: if u want to play oil that you should have the chance to correct start and end hours for Globex or pit session, respectively

    Thank you again!

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    Does anyone have any thoughts about tick charts for this platform, can we make an indior to show the ticks like what many did for mt4?

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    Please I need help with these 4 indiors.
    Can you please for me to make this type of CTrader Indiors for?
    The c-Trader Manual it is described in inglish,but My mother tongue (vernacular)
    is not English. Im from Czech republic.

    I do not understand how to add Cod to make a cTrader indior.
    Please can somebody make these indiors for me personally and for in the format as they're inserted on this webpage? Those I will put in it in CTrader. And put them on this webside for everybody who will require download?


    From this site I will install this indiors format into cTrader.
    I can't add code to the editor.
    Please will you help?
    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Hello. Fun fact I just generated this indior yesterday..nice timing. .
    if you want montly pivots, use daily bars and period set to 30. Weekly pivots..daily bars and period set . .enjoy

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    Guest to Ctrader, also I'd love to set up one of my habit Indiors, sadly I cant code!

    Is there someone here that can alter this MT4 Indior to Ctrader. .

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