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Thread: which time frames to use

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    Which coefficient do I look at and why? You will find daily, hourly, monthly etc. on different websites, and some of those websites don't even have monthly annual. Perplexing...
    I am looking at hourly trend transactions (for now), and 4h shortly.

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    I think it depends on what type of trader you are. For those who have all the time in the world, then you can utilize lower time period, but if you still have a full time work, then a part time work, a connection to keep up, and also a hobby to do (basically if you're a regular human being) I advise that you utilize 1W and 1D to inspect the trend, and utilize 4H to time your entry, which means you only have to look 2 or 3 times a day.

    In case you have lots of time to consider your trade then use smaller time period to time it's better. However the disadvantage of this is smaller time frames tend to have more noise, and basically it becomes your full time occupation. - Heck dont we need free time that is why people doing Foreign Exchange?

    Incidentally Im oblivious of this, however it's recommended that we dont watch our trades frequently because our fine little emotion specifically hope and fear will attempt to take charge of our trading platform. Just to allow you to know, they're poor and up to no good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    it doesn't really matter at all which time frame you look at, or trade, because the market is fractal in nature, and price action is the same on all the time frames, you merely have to adjust your sl and tp to the current timeframe you use, whatever that could be. Generally, the larger time frame commends the time frames. So for a directional bias you should use the larger time frame as your manual, then you can trade on any one of the time frames which package your personal risk profile best, just trade on the timeframe you believe most...
    really excellent!

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    I analyse my week utilizing H4, analyse each day and make predictions on H1, and utilize M15 to acquire a fantastic entry point.


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    For your sanity,longevity,families fascination and profitability,'' I would not go less than 4hourly,only a quick glimpse at lower timeframes to fine tune entry's (if your egy requires).

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    Hi all,

    Take your leadership from daily and use 4hr and 1hr for entrances. I submitted a very simple system here - https://www.forexforum.co.za/trading...g-freedom.html that many people these days are making and using good pips and $.


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    Choose a time frame with a good range to create consistent profit and also a good sample size to reduce head fakes. Then convert it to a lower time frame to acquire precision.

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    I made a mistake. It should be:

    WHICH CORRELATION COEFFICIENT TO USE AND WHY (e.g. daily, hourly, weekly etc) when deciding if a transaction is too connected or not to take??
    (do not want to double up on risk)

    I re-posted the subject in a new thread. SORRY everyone. I do not typically make a mistake like this. (I'll still read and contemplate these replies. Thank you. Plz respond if you know the answer from the new thread)

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    Different time frames make a huge difference to your trading I trade of the daily , 4hr and 1 hr sometimes I Take a Look at the weekly and monthly to perspective

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    What time period you use really depends upon your egy. If you're scalping you can even use the one-minute time frame. That said, the most reliable long-term signals usually come in the four-hour and daily time frames.

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