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Thread: In love with 4hr PA. Looking at Charts only 5 times a day!

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    Now you can imagine what happened. I took a transaction contrary to my plan and managed to return all of the profits that I made each week.

    Its always easy to say oh I won't do that again in hindsight. On the ideal border of this chart the mind does different things.

    If anybody has any suggestions I am welcome to accept them.

    Note to self: You've achieved what was impossible to you in the last couple of decades. You've stuck to a single simple method (for fourteen days in a row) of trading instead of jumping about. You ought to be proud.
    You've taken a loss. Treat it and also learn from it. Maybe make. Or use the rubber band trick.

    Sitting at -7.6% to this week.
    I understand many would give up here and start a new demo account and only fool themselves. I know that I used to do this. Make new demo accounts and begin trading a new egy. I refuse to give up and I'm likely to stay through this and come out on top.

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    Entered USDJPY long. According to principles. And closed it out. Am mentally unstable now. Tomorrow will return.

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    Last Friday

    Partial close
    USDCAD Short 29.5
    GBPUSD Long 9.9

    Closed rest today

    USDCAD Short 116.8
    GBPUSD Long 91.6

    Complete 255.9 Pips

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    GU trade stopped out for a reduction. I dont believe there'll be any trades today. I am back down to drawback today because of my account.
    Can I want to rethink my egy or was it because of those two trades that weren't according to plan that I am at a loss?

    Interesting thing is that there was a winning trade on usdcad that I passed off since my market bias was telliung me if gu is going up then usd ought to be feeble and usdcad isnt going to go up.

    Notice: Throw market bias the window out.

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