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Thread: My new journey with Wolfe Waves...

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    I was intrigued by these site:, to see some insight into Bill Wolfe's waves, known as Wolfe Waves.

    Please google it to find all details, as this thread assumes you understand the concept of WW.

    This thread is all about open talks on WW trading style. Please feel free to comment. Experts opinions are appreciated by much.

    Does it truly work in fx. . .this is my diary to choose to accept, or dump WW's notion.

    For a candlestick pattern trader, I found combination of candle reversal patterns resulting in the WW patterns, an amazing way to detect wave 5 to get a quick profit.

    Point of entry is the expansion of 1-3 points,
    Target is the expansion of 1-4 point. Max SL is set to 40pips.

    As long as R :R ratio is higher then 1:1, transactions are okay.

    Attached is your EURUSD hourly chart at the end of this Friday...a great market opportunity during NY sessions which I overlooked.

    Let us see what next week will attract....

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    Hourly chart indies a great buy....went long at 1.0355, SL 1.0320, TP 1.0505

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    Stopped out: -35pips

    Not a strong reversal candle on point 5.

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    Hi candletrader, are you planning on wuth wolfe waves? I am just getting started and it would be tomcompare notes. Allow me to know.

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    Hello, how are you timing your entrances and setting your own stops. I've been using Fibonacci ext of stage 2 to 3 to its working nicely and this. I put goals depending on the amounts.

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    Talk about intermitant replies! (4 replies in 6 decades).
    I only got curious in Wolf Waves, and 2 came up last week on H4 charts. I'll post one here to demone an ideal illuion.

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    I looked a bit and I arrived at the conclusion, the thinner the angle of the trendline between stage 1,3,5 is the higher is the probability to get a good setup.

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