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Thread: Market bottom rotation trading

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    Hey men, creating new thread to your daily trading on equitiy , FX and crypto markets. I have been full time day trader for about 3 years now, mainly trading stocks along with term crypto investments and several there and here FX ECN or alternative transactions between. This is technical trading in regards to equities and FX, and more or less fundamental/technological aspect in regards to cryptos. No should/would/ may posting of straight setups and clean setups with direct to go activities and directions. Yes this thread is contentious as it's, its about ching liquidations and bottom rotations where the downtrend turns into up trend, as far as anybody will assume its impossible to find it, don't hesitate to learn or observe to learn the principal charasteristics of price movements for finding these patterns. Along to that there is also focus on squeeze patterns that from from structures along the trend.

    My daily routine over past two years consists of making daily H1 watchlist on demographics after market close, for what the potential installments are for following day, people are high TF installations. After market available, I exchange those setups if in trigger mode I will keep looking for M1 or M3 chart patterns. Same routine every day. Along to there's search of patterns on FX M1 and FX digital options centered on 10 charts.
    While this may seem unnecessary personal info on play-style, its actually quite crutial step to guarantee consistency of performance and expectations, ergo the reason for submitting it.

    Bottom spinning trading is principally focused on structures that follow one or few of those concepts:
    -liquidation (soft or strong)
    -clearout (on lows and stop loses)
    -symmetrical supply/ resistance buildup with multiple rejections
    -connected supply zone of slow droping down trend ensuring big condensed short postions


    Four substituted patterns:
    1. Bottom rotation
    2. Parabolic crash/rally
    3. Symmetrical wedge squeeze
    4. Short squeeze

    don't hesitate to learn from this particular thread, ask question if you are feeling.

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    Equity H1 watchlist for next week Monday. A number of key supply that is condensed and a few maybe not yet, assets in trigger mode needs to be taken out before the entry.

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    Can you give some examples of currency pairs? Because this is

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    I like this way of trading. Price is all you need to be successful. Very nice, keep on!

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    HOLX triggered long 43,54.
    UPS triggered long 133,00.
    CFX watching carefully for fill pullback on 41,00.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    KR longed 30,68.
    KR sold for profits on finished rotation.

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    ATOS construction symmetrical flag.
    ETP long filled 20,51.

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    PM potential setup, looking for retrace for long, potential for bottoming on supply takout.

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