I am looking to trade a lot of currencies using an EA.... I wished to see if I could edit the money management to match in my way of believing

Here is what I am looking for:
checks Account Balance amount (10k)... this is simple to get in code

takes all open positions and computes their greatest possible reduction level (7.5k for this example).... So if it'd check other EA's transactions as well and that I assume take the sl amount of all transactions open and compute how much each could lose.... This would entail some kind of calculator (perhaps somebody knows a great out there)

hence the amount remaining will be (2.5k) if all of open transactions are failures

therefore that it might check whether it is possible to start up a commerce by checking its maximum potential loss to be certain if it failed, the amount remaining would be over margin call limitations.... Otherwise, it wouldn't open up new transactions until it fulfilled this requirement