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    Let specify it...

    Steps (End of week)

    1) Weekend we assess the daily charts scanning for subsequent week trades.

    2) Weekend, we specify the MM (% of accounts and SL) to exchange for every currency.

    3) Weekend, reviewing places that are in exchange.

    Steps (Daily)
    1) Check every 4 hrs for trade entry/exit, then input commerce log.

    2) Check every 4hrs to maneuver SL.


    Anyone can bring about better the framework..pls. Thanks. .

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    Hello compro, I'm new to the discussion, but really interested in reading about vegas system. Do you know where can I get it from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hey compro, I am new to the forum, but interested in reading about vegas system. Where can I buy it from, do you know?
    Look in newcomer Forum first Sticky labeled All Vegas Documents Here...

    thanks SMJ

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    Thank you MJ. Do you exchange this sytem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hello compro, I am new to the forum, but interested in reading about vegas system. Where can I buy it from, have you any idea?

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    Lmao @ preceding post.

    Sometimes it seems that the whole research and procedure and what taken into account, the magic 8 ball seems a viable option...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    thanks MJ. Can you trade this sytem?
    Yes, It is but one of the methods I trade. From VWB I trade the 4 Hour tunnel, with an excess filter for the trigger line with the 8 MA.

    I also trade based on technical patterns, five or 4 candle patterns, Dow Therory, and also this particular 8 Ball fortune teller item my grandson gave me for my birthday.
    Well not too much the additional things, but I am backtesting the 8 Ball
    with promising results...


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