When to shut EA off?
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Thread: When to shut EA off?

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    Here we have,
    beautifull streak of EA , say 4% drawdown mimicked, and 8% live.
    Or 9% mimicked, when risking 2% of account - profits soar. [assess biedarobot EA]
    Assume this is stored on demo account to get some time.Say 100 trades.
    When could you leave your EA alone?
    Shut it down - okay but, when?

    I heard that when EA looses two or more drawdowns then it ought to be turned down.
    What drawdowns? Simulated? Demo account drawdowns?

    How do finish those charged by cumulation influence accounts?
    One year and newspaper milion.
    What's reality?

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    I am testing online ma cross/rsi/stoch combo on GBPJPY 4H
    and you know what - it doesnt work in any way.

    I see two separate issues :
    It had been optimized on tickstory data, equilibrium, like 12 weeks -sure too brief period.
    At the time GJ was falling quickly.
    No other program was present.

    Likely if it had been optimized for 5 minutes tf there'll be probably no problem with GBPJPY regime change?
    If we handle volatility change there's not any other 5 min structure change as time passes.
    At least for mentioned above combo.

    Without honest foward walk we shouldnt put anything on line.

    There are two separate things

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There is no fixed rule for that, because market changes and is not predictable. Whenever it leaves your comfort zone fits best in this case. Hopping from 1 egy to another or begin fiddling from the installation is imho the main reason why 9 out of 10 traders loose cash in the long run.
    What about all these 5% weekly EAs
    Any of you had such a vehicle and it stopped functioning?

    Every week below 5% income would be below relaxation , optimise and search for new par or even stick with it?
    Till when?

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    If you have bought an EA off the shelf. . It'll self destruct. .

    In case you have assembled it and constantly update it then you may have a opportunity.

    Ive never been one that is based solely on technicals but each to their own.

    There isn't a wrong or right way to exchange and don't let anyone tell you there is since its BS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    When you have purchased an EA off the shelf. . It will self destruct. . When you have built it and constantly update it then you may have a chance. Ive never been one that relies solely on technicals but each to their own. There is not a right or wrong way to trade and don't let anybody tell you there's because its BS.
    It's really hard to trust any EA if you aren't a developer, moreover lots of EA are programmed to follow technical analysis so they must be tracked while news launch session otherwise if not tracked they can blow off the account.

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    I have simple lock against issues during news:
    Trade just when spread is below, state 5pts on EURUSD.
    During news it soars so EA is ceased out - after or doesn't take any trades.

    Also stoploss range based on volatility makes everything simpler.
    Huge volatility - enormous stop loss range - quite small place.

    A couple of trades lost during news
    doesn't make any difference when EA makes like 4 a day.
    Just assure constant amount under risk, state 2% account.

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    The evaluation is not equal to the facts.

    Init cash: 10000

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The evaluation is not equal to the truth. Init cash: 10000 picture
    You understand why such issue is happening?
    Try higher tf greater sl/ts/be.
    Then move to vps lt;2ms
    and move smaller tf/sl/ts/be [time frame/stop loss/ monitoring stop/break even]

    FInally how those guys make that scalping bots ?

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    The egy tester stats not equal real stat it's just for basic principles analyzing of ur egies and fx robots. Strategy tester do not calculate a commission and swaps, no disperse jumps, requotes, have pricing errors. This is a really debilitating for intraday EAs.

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    Really impressive results you have there, I don't know how it deals, but if it is founded on Martin gale, then you need to close and take profit from time to time, since those EA's will from adventure come down hard earlier or later, if it's not based on Martin Gale then keep it running indefinitely as long as you have this uptrend in your equilibrium.

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