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    Yes, the issue with mbtrading or efxgroup is that it´s more difficult to trade with this platform (navigator) when you just traded with mt4 before, but in some days you are okay with that. Also they are moving into an internet based platform (very simple ) but it is in a beta version yet.

    I've analyzed hotspotfx platform in demonstration and it´s very good, the issue is they offer few pairs to trade in Forex, the minimum is $7500, you can only withdraw $1000 minimum and only if you are in profit, etc.. But they offer hedging (mbtrading not, take care if you want hedging...). I don´t want hedging and mbtrading offer a lot of pairs in Forex (possibly all pairs).

    You also have to be aware that in mbtrading they test several things in the demonstration platform from time to time also it´s very different from the live platform. The issues which you notice in mbtrading demonstration are not in reside.
    Thank's you very much joselb for the detail. I really love this.
    Now I think I am seriously thinking about Efx group.
    If you speak about any internet based platform than I think Oanda is your best yet one of all. Hope so EfxGroups net base platform will probably be user friendly

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    Thanks, oanda has never been proven by me before.

    What I would love to know in detail is about Broker (trading( minimal deposit, etc) because the commissions in mbtrading are higher than this one. But if I typically find in mbtrading gbp/jpy with 3-4 pips and the commissions are similar to 1 pip I'm not stressed and my trades are unknown to them (they can not make me quit searching and other bizarre items mt4 brokers typically do). I'm relaxed trading with them.

    They also have a good customer service and Justin Leblang (out of efxgroup/mbtrading) also posts in several threads in other Forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I moved to mbtrading/efxgroup without difficulties but if you open an account to trade in Forex then you can only trade in Forex, maybe not in stocks or something else.

    Bluesteel: good to know your opinion, only some query: do they paralize the server from time to time? , because I've seen it even in the fxpro demo account..., can you honestly tell us that strange things have you ever endured with them?
    I've honestly never had a problem WHILE trading from home or anywhere with a good connection on my notebook. I've experienced poor relations while travelling and yes the server functions up but that's normal for everybody. Its a link problem not a platform issue. This doesn't have anything to do with the broker.

    I have not encountered any bizarre price spikes as well. I from time to time compare dont find any difficulties and feeds.

    I Love the ability to exchange cfds. . .Like I stated before that is a big reason why I'm with fx specialist. Interactive Brokers is great also. Never had a problem with them. Basically I was searching for a broker outside of North America with mt4 and several other things kind of why I'm now with these guys.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hmm, your out of the US and your trading CFD's. You mind telling the rest of us the way you trade something which is illegal for US taxpayers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hmm, your out of the United States and your trading CFD's. You mind telling the rest of us how you trade something which is illegal for US taxpayers?
    Pardon me... but my citizenship is not your issue. Where on earth do you get that from

    However for the rest of you! I am Canadian but have spent time working at the united states and various other countries for that matter. Now thats cleared up

    Back on topic


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    north was great

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    I heard NF will soon be closing shortly, and eventually become ProFX.
    Is that true?

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    Go the site of North, you will see it blasted all over the webpage. Then again reading is a hard task...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I discovered NF will soon be closing soon, and eventually become ProFX.
    Is that accurate?
    Yes NF Is now closed and becomes Fxpro now. Open you will find more detail.

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