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    Look at my full of loss huahahahahahaha hihihihihi and TE xixixixi. And yes its good can have demo account to play

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    My worst habit... I get excited by a winning trade and close early. . So I will hold ak commerce thankfully but when a trade is 500 in profit it can not close quick enough. I have an 82% gain rate but that figure means squat when your typical reduction far surpasses your winning trade. I have shut it although the most peculiar thing is that it normally strikes on my TP. Any suggested egies to fix this?
    I also suffer from this. My egy is to look at it from the opposite direction. If you are brief and may make a good argument for a lengthy, it may be time. Additionally, it is common to let because you're trying to let it operate a winner dry up.
    If you can not create a reasonable counter commerce instance, stay in.

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    This was the realized loss I got carried away!! . Still fighting on how best to get out of the trade with injury that is minor. Hope to learn more from this particular thread

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