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Thread: Button to move Stop to Breakeven

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    1 Attachment(s) is it feasible for some kind soul to program a BREAKEVEN button in accore with the attached image.

    The purpose would be to transfer the Stoploss into Breakeven when the trader decides, based on a Preset Parameter of BE 0 or to BE 1 or 2 etc, this purpose can be obtained automatically in several TMs but I am looking for manual management, I do understand you can drag the sl manually so thank you in advance for all those of you who will tell me that.
    I donĀ“t know if it's possible to make it work whilst there is a TM attached as I'm conscious that you can not have two EAs running on the exact same chart so I'm assuming that it would need to be a script, but the disadvantage of a script it has to be dragged and dropped on a chart, or sexy keyed some thing I have not ever managed to perform quickly. Thus the petition for a Button onto the chart.

    Or when any one knows of a preexisting indior/script/Ea, I've searched but can not find any thing exactly like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Okay this is embarrassing. Thx for the link but for some reason I cannot attach to my chart anyone got any thoughts. Thx Paul
    Perhaps you have put it at the wrong folder as it is a Script not an EA?????

    I've updated the code so that it does not get rid of the Takeprofit amounts when eliminating the Breakeven level. I also have made it in an EA since this gives more flexibility to change the Breakeven levels once the EA is loaded on the chart as the Script must be reloaded to make any alterations to the Breakeven value.
    NOTE: Negative values may be used if you want to set a Stoploss before the trade is in profit.

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    I knew I was being Dumb somewhere



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    This is embarrassing.

    Thx for your connection cja but for some reason I cannot attach to my chart anybody got any thoughts.



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    Hi CJA,

    I am having trouble with all the box/button sizes. The EA has been secured by you from being altered which I understand although I attempted to go in and alter the sizes. However it is currently proving to be a major problem using it on my laptop. Any chance make it possible to customise the sizes or you can amend this.
    Sorry for being destitute and thanks for your help.


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