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Thread: Want To Use A Broker In US With 500:1 Leverage

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    Hi ,

    Does anyone know if it is still feasible to reside in the united states somewhere but utilize a foreign broker with 500:1 leverage and overseas rules?


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    Please for the love of sanity do not open nor commerce an acct using 500-1 leverage. Like many I was angry when the cftc and nfa lowered the leverage from the US to 50-1. However, after trading on it the last 2 months, I understand its not too bad. First - 50-1 remains a ton of leverage and second, I have been trading more cautious and with a more conservative egy that has caused my trading outcomes to drasticlly approve.

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    Might be the trading system is greatly different, I want at least 1:500 leverage to full use of my system.
    1:500,at least you've got the liberty to choose 1:50

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    Everyone here needs to speak for themselves. I really don't need Barney Frank attempting to save me from myself. He CLEARLY has his own issues to clean up, let him stressing about my trading style.

    I wager Dodd and Frank don't even know exactly what a pip is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Truly 500 to 1, yet another new investor that will be cleaned out on his first trade.
    He could also double his account in his very first commerce... and then will cleaned it out!

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    Only got a new letter stating following july 17 my accounts will close in CH. DFA.
    Now I should reveal foreign residency. What a pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi all,

    Does anyone know if it's still possible to live in the US somewhere but use a foreign broker with 500:1 leverage and foreign rules?

    Just overlook it)))

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    Really 500 to 1, another new investor that will be washed out on his initial trade.

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