How to Import Historical Data from JForex to MT4
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Thread: How to Import Historical Data from JForex to MT4

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    I Want to import Dukascopy XAUUSD H4 Historic data to MT4 out of JForex!

    I tried in vain, would anybody be kind enough to give me a step-by-step manual, please.

    Many Thanks

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    Hello GreatForex,

    I replied to a PM but did not receive any response: to which mail address should I send the information?

    You can send me also an PM so the mail address is not in the public forum.



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    Mailed you the data

    allow me to know how it goes: dut do not reply to the mail address I never check it. Use preferable this thread (I am still subscribed) or PM



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    Hi Ati Baia,

    Many thanks, I successfully downloaded M15 H4 to MT4 plus they Look in the History.

    However, it obviously needs M1 for back testing, as it won't back evaluation, am I correct?

    Can you include M1? Also, what do I do using the Log File delivered?

    Again, thanks.

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    Hi, Many thanks, I successfully downloaded M15 H4 into MT4 and they Look at the Background.
    That's great.

    But it clearly needs M1 for rear testing, as it will not back test, am I correct?
    Not sure, as I mentioned I never really bothered too much about the in construct MT4 egy tester. I guess it depends on the EA in Addition to the Stage you select in egy tester along with also the Model

    Did you include M1? Also, what do I do using the Log File? Again, thanks.
    No, since you mentioned you only require M15 and H4. Anyhow this M1 data are somewhat big to send over email.

    In my point of view you have a few options:

    1. Convert the csv dukascopy data yourself: using among the tools available: e.g. my MT4 Historical Rates - Backtest

    2. In case you want I will help look to it (but you would need to tell me that broker you use (so that I could install the same as you've )

    you would also need to mail me the EA (not positive if you would like to place it here)

    and define somewhat more what you really should check: Time interval ect. Ect

    Anyhow, you can PM me about that

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    Hi Ati,

    Many thanks for your replies. Are you familiar with Tickstory?

    I successfully downloaded Dukascopy data using Tickstory, however I wish to use'OPEN PRICES'.
    Unfortunately, Tickstory simply supports creates FXT documents for'Every Tick' Mode (not for'Open Prices' style )!

    What's occurring is my Broker's trading specs are being erased (eg. Min Lots) along with the new FXT document
    made by MT4 is generic ( in other words the Min Lots Spreads, Swaps etc) are different for my Broker's.

    How can I edit the generic FXT file being made by Mt4, or is there a more straightforward method of producing FXT files which
    carry just my Broker's specs.

    Many thanks

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    hi GreatForex,

    I saw your PM just today, was for some time not online.

    Anyway, I download M1 data from Dukascopy and convert them into MT4 hst documents (which you can basically copy to the MT/history folder and begin MT4

    for the conversion I use my own tools : MT4 Historical Rates - Backtest

    the download and conversion process takes a little bit of time but in general it works really fine.

    See attached logfile (this is when I filter the first downloaded info ) for some information like gaps ect. . The huge gap is in the beginning so that's ok

    BUT: I do filter my information together with SkipBarNoPriceChange and SkipBarPriceZeroOrLess you would have to read in myMT4 Historical Rates - Backtest or in the helpfile somewhat about it.

    In case you want only XAUUSD H4 that I might have the ability to mail them . PM me


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