Prosperous mindset: relax and rise over emotions, own the game
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Thread: Prosperous mindset: relax and rise over emotions, own the game

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    Hi traders,

    that the purpouse of the thread is to share how to exchange the market and not allow the market exchange you.

    Say decent bye to mental trading,
    say good bye to repeating same mistakes repeatedly and feeling rather helpless about that,
    say good bye to allow your emotions run .
    Claim your power back, become the boss, unwind into that, own the sport and revel in it.
    Handle your emotions with ease and grace and unwind so that you can tune in the flow of the minute, feeling in which the market is and what's going on.

    This can be your reality, it is all up for you and your commnt to face what's there to face. The only reason we do not encounter the results we all want is our unwillingness. And the further we accept the easier it becomes to turn the awarness onto what needs to be confronted.

    For a long time I thought it is about trading, markets, price, charts, platform, statistic etc.but all these are nothing but add ons. Who's in charge ? Who's accountable for all the decision? Trader is. So master yourself..and the rest becomes non issue, the best, profitable decisions will get natural, as it is who we all are in our core. It is just that due to the past, the way we learned to operate during the life, we did not let our skills to make use of our highest and best as far as they could be. Just how much or how little that's individual, but looking at your results to where you would like to be and comparing that will tell you things gotta shift.

    I'll add more as time permits. Couple strategies for now.

    1) Self-awareness, Self-awareness, Self-awareness:
    - know to observe yourself, the state you are in, what's going on within your body. Whether you believe it or not does not matter, you turning the lens of your consciousness within and it is only a matter of practice and have that skill anyway. Your body will tell you lot of things that will help you navigate. It is the pair of indiors I know of. Seriously.

    - What state you/your body is in? Is your breathing profound and calm? Is you breathing fast and shallow? Are you relaxed? Are you contracted? Do you feel some tension/contraction/pressure someplace? Do you really feel something flowing indoors? That is with you telling you exactly what you may be interested to be aware of, the way that your body communies. And again, even in the event that you don't think you truly feel do. Just keep practicing. I was the same that I do not feel anything guy. Boy, was I wrong!

    - If you fail to be aware of where you are right now, how do you proceed towards in which you wanna be? You can not.

    Two ) Breath calmly, deeply:
    - whenever you realize emotions comes up or already owns you, PAUSE and concentrate on breathing, the market can wait. After all emotional choices pretty much suck and that I guess you may know that.
    - Breath in, concentrate on the breath moving through your body, wait for 2-3 minutes, then breath outside. Relax your body. Rinse and repeat.
    - If the feelings are too large - possibly too much anxiety or too much excitement, rapid deep breathing may be better, as though you would just complete 100m sprint or do some hefty ling.

    - Just breath anything that clouds your thinking away. And breath away/relax any which you know by simply breathing into it. The there's on your own body, the greater the energy can flow, the calmer you are and the better choices you make because the brain gets enough oxygen. Trading day, that way you unwind the struggle flight reaction that might get triggered through you. There is no purpose in being on alert if you do not possess a lion behind your back. You will find reason why the fight flight mechanism gets activated when we do not see any threat. I'll tackle that later. It takes update of whatour system deemed dangerous.

    For now you calm down it by deep breathing telling it literally It is fine, no threat in sight, whatever it was triggered's fine now, just unwind. It cuts and this Fight flight prepares for battle, maximum speed and efficency of reactions the flow in the body and also into the brain making you react instinctively. That is pretty much light speed. Produced you have this expertise when you responded kind of automaticaly eventhough you have amazed by something. And then you wonder how in the world did you do that? Great reaction, fantastic reply, not even prepared..maybe it could be better..but it was great and suitable enough..and that you simply don't know how did you actually do it. That is was that the instict in actions.

    Thinking takes too much time. Yet throughout the development, as the real threat became less and not as part of our fact we all forgot to listen to our own instincts and also in order to make them work for again, we gotta get in contact with them and integrate them. And self-awareness is the means to do it.

    You can not screw it, there's no wrong or right way. Whatever works for you. Be creative, play it, feel free to experiment. After all it is about finding what works for you/the way it works for you and that's about self-awareness.

    3) know that your WHY's:
    - WHY you want exactly what you want
    - WHY you do exactly what you do
    - helps you with clarity and getting all of you on board with everything you would like. Sounds bizarre? You'd live it already if you would be entirely on board with everything you would like. There are reasons why you limit yourself/your life, as that is not the case. By digging to the WHY you bring the stuff that remains in the best way to your awareness and that's where it ends for it is the begining of the end of it. The end of this using power over you. For has power over us. Become aware of it and it's days are numbered.

    Feedback is welcomed and valued together with questions.
    I ask for honor and gentlemans attitude. We may disagree, that's ok but there's a lineup. I am not interested in I am right you are wrong plays. That is simply not worth my time . Am I wrong from your point of view? Ok, I am totally ok with that. Following your it's your perception and thus be it.

    Everything I write about that I breath and reside myself. My talk is walking. My trading results, much more like the pain of them made me know all that and tought me to develop these skills and operate the way I operate today. I was basicaly forced by life to face the debilitating truth..And I am grateful I stopped running away from it and had the balls to face it.
    Shoulda do it a lot sooner but I wasn't aware of what's going on, what really matters and what to do with all that. That is so that you do not have to repeat the mistakes I 18, why I share it . It is costly, it is painful and you simply don't have to. Life can be hard itself .

    It is simply amazing how trading and all my life became so much more relaxed, stress free and profitable. The travel is continuing but I take life and trading personaly. No proving anything to anyone, not even to myself. Regardless of what happens. . I turned into Ok, do not really enjoy the outcome/ the way I reacted/responded etc..hmm, OK, no big thing. Now what? . .no endangering myself more beating on myself. No more blaming others or circumstances..bad luck etc..simply, ok, things happens but life goes on and obviously there is something to learn I did not know! So keep playing with the way you can!

    And that's really great state to be in. And yeah it does. I do trading choices. . But significantly less and less..and they are not as expensive. Simply I confront out the day and my entire relationship with myself changed. . And that's amazing and priceless.

    My aim is that you guys experience the exact same state of simplicity, elegance and relaxation as you exchange and go through your day.

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    Sharing what changed for me. I'm becoming clarity, clear on what is another step and what really matters. And enough confidence in this step. Might sound weird..but this clarity thing is simply amazing. Never had anything like that I would say. So..this stuff is really revolutionizing my entire life! I'm surprised! Just wooow. Enough clarity confidence in myself and my decisions..that's big for me.

    Basically for eons I wanted to be the actual deal..and all I did was basically to establish to others..and to me..and I began to realize I already am it and am reaping them rewards now. Awsome!

    And I am feeling the mighty-ness/powerful-ness of this. If feels great..It feels fantastic being Myself. . And appears to me that was exactly what the quick gains position size did. . Made me feel very awsome. But the disadvantage was.FILE_7_EXTENSION!

    And as I own who I'm now and feel good already, or can remind myself of the sense great energy. . I don't have to risk that far and I'm more relaxed letting the market reveal me what it really is to letting the trade grow up and not be freaking around every price motion. And that is an achievement!

    Great task Me!

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    Wondering whether I shouldn't be brief. Perhaps I write to a lot? Allow me to know what you would like.

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    Do know you are the Real Deal. You rock. I believe in You. You have what it takes. Each and everyone of You. You
    do..and I understand You know it too and nothing in the world can deny it, take it away or destroy it anyhow split it.
    It might appear that way but that's just an illusion..and You know it deep down. You are aware that you Know. And if You
    still buy into not understanding appreciate's end anyway. The Truth About Who You trully are, the Truth of matters
    can't be concealed, can't be denied or twisted.

    May require just a small bit of rememberance acknowledgement of the truth of Who you are and Everything you understand. And then some more. And then some more. The longer you do it, the easier it gets.

    Feel into EASY and EASIER..LIGHT and LIGHTER..SIMPLE MORE with with that for a while..did
    it just began to lighten up? Or do you choose to play in Heavy, hard, hard? Is that really something
    that's worth picking? Does not seem like pleasure to me. Which one you choose? Which is more enjoyable? Which one
    feels better? That's the way to go. You are the Chooser. It's totaly up to you. You make your own Future, your
    Destiny, your Fate through what you choose, where you put your energy.

    Can you Pick lifetime things to be EASY or Difficult/Hard? Better or Worse? That's all it comes down to.
    That's too easy! That's not possible! If it'd be that simple everyone would be doing it?

    Well, what if everyone thinks the exact same so awaiting another to check it out?

    Ultimately you can expect just your experience..cause then you understand yourself. Regardless of what I write, no matter
    what I won't think me unless you experience it for yourself. So..will you choose it? Are you going to play
    with it? Are you going to give it a try? That's Your Choice.

    My take is that at some stage Yo find out it is something to explore for you will be hungry for more..hungry for something the external existence won't/can't give it to you..or it will but it just doesn't last. Like state enjoying great vaions, feeling on top of the world..and then your vibes crashes because you head home worrying about anything or wake up to the normal/busy day/business as usual. . It doesn't need to be this way..and You know it deep down. . Can you recall?

    Allow me to remind you..You stone. Feel it, feel into it. Know it. Own it. Experience it. Be it. Shine it. Breath
    that into who you are, into every molecule of yours. . Breath into Your world, your Life, anyplace.

    Love's You..enjoy Your Own Greatness. . The Magic You are. .

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    ... Subscribed
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Wondering whether I shouldn't be more brief. I write to much? Allow me to know what you prefer.
    Only you can answer that. The whole you. The whole me enjoys it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ... Subscribed quote Only you can answer that. The entire you. The entire me enjoys it.
    That is a tricky one good one also!
    I'm mindful of the fact I do communie to me , so yes, I still do have that answer. And it's been revealed over time. Like liberating the statue. .

    The reason I ask for the input of fellow traders is that I want to invite other people to share their perspectives, discovering your preferences exactly what you would like. Everything I write about is powerful usefull stuff and my intention is that other's decide to play that..and for it to happen, one needs to observe the benefit of it understand it orient within it.

    Simply said, find it easy enough to employ it directly away. Easy to use. That's why I ask for other's tastes. I encourage each and everyone to engage play together. Having ones priorities needs recorded and up to date is of excellent 1_EXTENSIONng only rocks! And I believed for quite a very long time I know what I want..well, there was a twist to that I discovered!

    Let's make some wonderful things an wonderful change in our lives! Shall we? I'm in. Anybody else? Who would like to join me? I really don't care whether you are after something or miracles tiny to change.

    Are you prepared to make something different/better on your trading/life?

    If you are, you are welcome invited. The change you are after. .starts with You. And it can start. Or when you're going to be prepared. That is Your Choice.

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    I have subscribed. An excellent thread BTW...

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    Its my opinion in gambling about plogy. I think the key to success in gambling is on what I called covetous meter and dread meter. How we assess and measure the two
    of these on our self. But I do not understand how to measure it and make it quantitative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    its my opinion about plogy in gambling. I believe that the secret to success in gambling is really on what I called greedy meter and dread meter. How we evaluate and measure them both . However, I don't understand ensure it is quantitative and how to measure it.
    Harmony or Balance of all I'd call it. Right?

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    Yesz, and this forex in my opinion is some kind exercise to get ourself. Its great exercise and great tools to learn ourself, learn our inner, learn our lust fire etc..

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