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Thread: Prosperous mindset: relax and rise over emotions, own the game

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    I wrote before that it comes down to some sort of Faith. Faith that You CAN do it You WILL create it. What's the point of trying at? This Trust, Faith, Believes or Confindence, the title doesn't matter much, it is not that the consciouss thinking..what things is the underlying energy/space.

    Did you experienced somebody saying I will make it and you knew he won't, cause his energy didn't endorsed what he was afterwards? You couldn't actually describe why you had that belief, you knew he ain't the real deal as far as he believes.

    Thus, we all are here for we KNOW we all CAN. But I myself realize more and more that the I CAN'T story is still within my space. It ain't accurate, it simply might appears to be supported up to this moment through my experiences etc..but dismissing it, overlooking it will not allow it to go silent, won't allow it to move away..won't create it dissapear. And so it is going to keep on creating troubles obstacles making my advancement forward tougher difficult. So..honestly I thought that I dealt with this I can not story before..well. Clearly there appears to be ! Kind of like following degree, next thing you can not avoid no matter how hard you will always be there untill one decides..ok, I thought I will face ya later, when I will be rested, more relaxed, when I will be stronger, maybe even with a help of somebody else..but you can't other stories..are still leaping in my way messing the advancement I will confront you here and choose to confront you as far as you need to be experienced.

    Kind of uncomfortable I acknowledge, but forcing you in front of me into future didn't work in the past, so let us confront you, let us be with you and let us do it for good. And let us see what changes with this new approach of mine.

    So, intead of No, no, go away, gimme a rest, I will deal with ya later..CAN'T do this, even there is the I CAN'T fractal!
    I choose to Invite you up, Welcome you up, Willing to be with you, ready to experience you..basically Yes, Yes, Yes..come up talk with me everything you have there for me..Tell me your entire story. It's ok, I am here for you. The rest can wait for today, I pushed you away for along time and believe it is time to adopt you, be with you and appreaciate you personally and thus setting you free. Might require more then just 1 time, may need more steps..but I am willing to go through all that's there. Take all the steps that are neccesery to come out on another side as Winner, understanding owning I CAN..more then before.

    You ain't the issue, you are just a story and are you bigger then me. I thought you had been. Oh, well. . I am glad that I was wrong! Yeah. .
    Great job Me!

    Btw regarding targets/goal configurations:

    Targets are great since that sets a way, I was rather confused about the very next little steps since I have set huge targets and didn't know how to make that potential from where I am/I was.

    The way I see it today, is that setting even little/tiny goals is beneficial since one learns experiences Yes, I CAN. And as one CAN one CAN this? And maybe that. And so that the I CAN grows..and that has a positive impact on ones Confidence, Faith, Trust in ones ability to create it, regardless of what occurs. It's not that one will be sure he makes it, after all it is for the first time who knows? But, in the past. . I did so and I did that..and I then did something I didn't think I let us see what's possible today!

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    Thomas Edison: Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most sure way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

    Read a story about a guy who was looking for gold, digging a hole. Took him a long time, price him lot of energy money..until he gave up and then sold his own mine.
    It was exactly like in the picture..he stopped just shy of this bonanza. The very day that the new owner began digging. .

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    What's at stake for us traders if we are trading? Taking entrance, managing commerce, taking profits, accepting loss. . What's the big deal around that? When we began Can it be a big deal? Not in my case and not it lot of others who claimed their case had this novices luck. After all as a newcomer you apparently have no you kind of hope you can be/will be incorrect. . So there's nothing to prove..and interestingly that makes you be at peace and receptive..and that you allow the market speak to you and you're going to take a terrific trade/profitable trade.

    What else could be at stake?

    We are trading what is our relationship with money?

    What exactly does having bunch of cash mean to us?
    What exactly does with no cash mean to us?
    What exactly does loosing it all mean to us?
    Are we safe do we feel safe using ton of cash?
    Is it great do we feel good using lot of cash? (this fairness/equality matter )
    Are people safe do we feel safe losing it all/having no cash?

    And being profitable traders we are the that means standing out..above the shedding majority. So. .
    What does standing out mean to us?
    Are we safe do we feel safe standing out?
    Can it be good/right to be noticed?

    What else could be at stake?

    Provided that there's psychological stuff on those our capacity to exchange as profitably as possible will be compromised.
    When we let the things go, the game changes into ease, grace, playfulness, no big deal. Letting the winners run if with any losses at all, and cutting the losses brief. .

    Welcome to trading with simplicity grace having simple graceful profits. . As it could be, after all, life is ment to be lived survived, there isn't much enjoyment!

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    Btw what does profits feels for you?
    Can profits be simple on the planet?
    Can profits be graceful on the planet?
    Does it actually feel that way or do you just think it?

    It wasn't the case in my own world until I became conscious of it shifted it. Ups. . Oh well! )

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello traders, the purpouse of this thread is to discuss how to trade the market and not let the market trade you. Goal: Say good bye to trading, say good bye to sense powerless about that and repeating same mistakes repeatedly, say good bye to let your emotions run you. Claim back your power, turn into the boss, own the sport unwind into that and revel in it. Handle your emotions easily and elegance and unwind so that you can tune into the flow of the minute, feeling where the market is and what is going on. This may become your reality, it's...

    I want to read this very carefully. On the last days I've becoming the Hulk everytime the transaction does not go where I expected


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