Need luck or skill for trading?
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Thread: Need luck or skill for trading?

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    Need luck or skill?

    I have read somewhere in the online forum, but forgot exactly where?
    Who stated::

    1 ) if trading utilizing big interval ( monthly / weekly / daily )
    = necessitates luck to win
    2 ) If trading using small time frame ( m1 / m5 / m15 / m30 )= need skill to win

    but there are also people who say this:

    3) If trading using small time period ( m1 / m5 / m15 / m30 )
    = necessitates luck to win
    4) if trading utilizing big timeframe ( monthly / weekly / daily )
    = need skill to win

    which is correct?

    All comment are welcome
    THX. S.C.

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    Require the New Zealand dollar for Instance.
    The earthquake as well as the current milk product dilemma, no matter how skillful you are you can never exactly forecast it.

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    I guess both of these plays an essential part in trading.But I will give an edge to hard working.Hard work is a must to be successful.

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    Trading like any other business need a small bit of luck and abilities though.
    The exact same goes to betting, you can depend on chance alone to win big, you need skills too.

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    The skill is knowing when your luck has run out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Trading exactly as with any other business need abilities and a small bit of luck though. Exactly the same goes to gambling, you can depend on luck to win big, you want skills too.
    Absolutely right guys. .
    Living in this world we need both skill and luck. And the world is containing only luck and skill...
    In forex market, and any business also need these two items. .
    Its also happen on my trade in Liteforex broker, sometime I obtained profit caused fortune. .

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    Luck or ability??? ... hmmm

    let us see. .

    Is there some method which may be employed to measure a individual's ability level?
    And to measure somebody's luck?

    Afterward, how we can give an objective answer to preceding Q,... if there's no such strategy.

    If you think you know the answer... you do not.
    If you think you do not know... maybe you're right.

    Consider this; two people trading in the exact same time, the exact same chart/ pair, entrance in the exact same price, in the exact same way, and the two of them making same sum of $, trader A think that the reason of her/his success is due to luck, when trader B think differently (due to her/his skill).
    And after that second commerce taken, same situation, same people, but this time both of these loses cash, when trader A think her/his lack of ability that bring this dreadful fate, for trader B, that is just simple bad luck. How can we describe this?


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    Come on guys and gals How can this even a topic of conversation?

    Oh I understand how because just the real have figured out by now

    that if you hone in on your ability and you have done exploited

    enough talent well then fortune is just a figment of your imagination...

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    You want both. About 95 percent 5 percent chance, ability.

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    From making the boring yet appropriate decisions over and over 15, trading results. So I would say that subject is more beneficial than both skill and luck.

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