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    Hi guys,
    I have opened this thread in order to locate experienced people who've researched on trend lines and rely on them because their analysis of the market. I have been in this market since 2006 and spent a lot on studying lots of tools, indiors etc.. I don't wish to talk about my background or I know about market or TAI wish to zero in on one very precious tool that most traders take it for granted and don't know well. I've searched a lot during these years everywhere from Currency Market websites to youtube for constructive and advanced understanding about trend lines and to be honest there is none. Are a few basic views on this valuable concept. In each video or some other post about trend lines, folks don't have any idea of that which a suitable trend line looks like or how to draw a trend line. The only thing that you find is that a trend line is drawn out of wherever you desire, by connecting 3 or 2 or more dots. Many people today link it to Fibonacci, others utilize a irrelevant or unnecessary indior to find some highs or lows etc..
    Anyway, I know some untold insights into drawing and using trend lines in various situations but still I am searching for more. Brag about what I know or I am not going to play with guru or try to lure newbies to this thread. Just the contrary, I am searching for very experienced people who've researched a lot on trend lines and also have new things to say so that we can share our expertise and enhance. In all honesty, I have not held my breath and I have a glimmer of hope to locate these people here but still let's take the dark.
    I already have a profitable egy using trend lines so if you think trend lines are just linking dots and unworthy please move on and find another place to share your knowledge, no offence.
    If you think that your expertise fits the above criteria and you're willing to disclose it, please answer following questions either at the first of your post or through your explanation.
    How do you draw a trend line and why?
    What kinds of trend lines do you know and what's the usage of each of them?
    Do you use multi interval for analysis or just analyze in 1 timeframe?
    Do you think terminals such as MT4 have bugs or somehow defective for drawing trend lines? In that case, can it be overall or it occurs in occasions?
    These are just a few general questions however I think they can open the discussion well but you can elaborate if you will.
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PS. I am not much of a ribbon reader today because I have a lot on my plate. If I couldn't reply immediately I wanted to create this thread but I couldn't locate any time for that and I am still very busy so please accept my apologies. Of course if the conversation becomes a valuable one Icome by several times every day and squeeze this in.

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    Stopped outside for 1.8 pips. Reenter on price action, FOMC delay in market implementation from my brokergot an okay entry in. Took partial profits to pay losses. Letting the last tight position run, B/E is stopped to by set. EDIT: blanked out some order amounts.

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    Guys, this thread was made by me for advanced discussion about TLs initially but I started teaching my strategy, when no one had any thoughts about fashion lines to discuss. So please write something effective or find another place to keep. And please do not clutter this thread with pics or your outcomes which are irrelevant to this particular topic. I don't think anybody is considering unrelated posts which you want to write to acquire a dumb fight.

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    The following installment is among the most reliable and profitable ones and that's where a line is busted and the price comes back to that again. That is the area where we enter the position with a rr and we can be certain that our position will reach the target. It sometimes happens at the conclusion of a fashion where the price changes its leadership or through a fashion in which the price continues its trend. It's basically something similar to the installation explained in the article 19. The distinction is that in that installment the line is in the direction of its fracture, for instance the line is downward in a downtrend and price breaks it and return to it later, but here the line is in the opposite direction of its fracture or is (somehow) flat like a service or resistance.I've clarified some more information in the following images:
    there are a few subjects that I'd like to write a few lines about.
    First, I will attempt to write some hints concerning this technique whenever I visit them in a picture.
    Secondly, remember that this method is a multi-timeframe method. You have to examine the chart completely and precisely according to setups that were told and are going to be written in the future posts and choose the right time to go into a position otherwise it would be simple for everyone to generate profit by drawing a few lines into their charts. We all know it is not like this, so attempt to be execute them thoroughly and read every article and several times you won't see your effects. I mean every word in every article and they're not some oracles that were revealed to me. They are years of experience and have been tested in various situations of this market again and again. So please don't skim them or take them and also be as exact as you must. I wrote this because I saw some posts to the particulars that were told so far with the consideration. I can assure this procedure is profitable but only in the hands of a disciplined trader who follows the rules carefully.
    There are an essential chapter about line correction and manual candle(s) I must have written about before since you need them if you draw a line. Where to place this chapter because on the 1 hand you need understanding them for drawing any line, on the other hand you should be familiar with this procedure stretch I didn't know. Anyhow, I'll attempt to describe those theories in the article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Guys, I made this thread for advanced discussion about TLs initially but when no one had some thoughts about trend lines to discuss, I started teaching my method. So please write something productive or find another place to continue your fight I need to clean your posts and ban you despite my willingness. And please don't clutter this thread with your outcomes or pics that are immaterial to this topic. I really don't think anybody is interested in unrelated articles that you would like to write to win a fight.
    I apologize David, you're absolutely right. I fell in and gave my insight, then got sucked in once I contested and had been accosted from the hypocrite. Goodbye and good luck in your trading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Men, I made this thread for advanced discussion about TLs at first but if nobody had some thoughts about trend lines to discuss, I started teaching my method. So please write something productive or find another place to keep. And please don't clutter this thread with your results or pics which are irrelevant to this topic. I really don't think anybody is considering unrelated articles which you would like to write to win a dumb fight.
    Yes, you are right. In any case, my suspicions over crazy claims (in an m1 t/f lol) have now been verified. . .job done.

    Good luck with your marathon pair of rules, sub-rules and sub-sub-rules etc, I favor simplicity and will be a silent observer in your thread from now on.

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    Here's some ideas about trend lines I have which I think are good maxims about fad line trading. Some will get these points problematic. Healthy debate is good, I think. I want to hear if they're well thought and rational from folks whose opinions differ from my own.I enjoy automatic, trend line drawings robots and systems to trade tendency lines automatically. Automatic systems lack intelligence and instinct , hence they can in some ways be inferior. Automatic trend line drawings are usually cleaner and more accurate than a person draws in practice. You are able to specify specific points of a trend line for drawings that are clean. That's a lot of work for me personally candle near and the H/L provide S/R. The next hit on a trend line is easily the strike and has a high percentage of price change, at least in the short term. A trend line's rejections, the stronger the trendline is. Higher TF trend lines are stronger than TF. If price moves a trend line (or any S/R) it'll likely breakthrough. If price is over any trend , price is considered bullish in relation. Below = bearish. The phrase is in relation to that trend line. Closes above or below the trend line carry more fat than tails. A trend line indies resistance to price moving in that direction. Trend lines should be viewed in context of a framework of waves and are found in constructions. Trend lines work combined with OBOS conditions. Because a trend line is broken by price action does not mean price won't continue to find S/R at the trend line. Some fad lines are predictive similar to angles and Gann/Fib angles which price has admired. This usually means that you can forecast S/R based on a single pivot point and a single angle. Horizontal S/R is significantly more significant than trend lines. Confluence of S/R is significantly more significant than singular cases of S/R. Each and every candle OHLC is S/R. Volume can help determine breakout strength of almost any S/R. Any S/R is a profit goal in addition to being a minimal RvR entry. As such, price often accelerates towards S/R.

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    Since we have a lot of setups in this egy alongside some details that need to be followed thoroughly so that I think it might be a fantastic idea that people who are interested in this thread locate the situations and setups associated with this thread and post them so that the facets of this egy can be practiced and more tangible. Something similar to that which Artcool did in some previous posts. If you make some mistakes, it isn't important, it's important that you can be with the setups more familiar and get accustomed to them. There are not many rules for this use, post them and you need to discover the setups told in this thread. Try to analyze the market in a fashion that is multi-timeframe according to the setups and discover the best positions. Since the thread moves forward and that I talk about other installments, you may include them on your analysis too. Please follow these 2 points. 1- Do a multi-timeframe analysis and locate the very best timeframe on your positions two - Do it according to the setups of this thread. Try to be as precise as possible and keep in mind that even 1 candle is significant whilst drawing on a line. If the people show interest and of this thread are active, I will discover more energy and motivation to talk about details and more setups. In the meantime, I will welcome some examined and valuable personal study done by anyone in this field, not some stuff that you can find in some books or unexamined ideas or thoughts.

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