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Thread: Quantify the market - breakout or fakeout

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    image image
    I will ban you. Your answer has not purpose, two charts without explanation. Plus this thread isn't about posting trades.
    Hope everybody will understand this.


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    Please allow me to add something. Long time I did not understand CPs appliion of Newtonian laws into the markets. My point of view was is that markets will only change due to current exchanges of cash (long/short). Thus, it did not make sense to apply Newtons first law on the markets as the move of prize is based upon the disequilibrium of buyers' and sellers' volumes. Before two weeks I realized that it was a metaphor that CP used to characterize the markets - a metaphor that can put you. Now I have a rough idea how I can recreate a similar influx/eflux indior...

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    Would you please reply which periods you use to figure order flow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Would you please reply which phases you use to calculate order flow?
    You can use ANY PERIOD at ANY POINT as your reference

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