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Thread: Why you suck at trading

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    About a month ago, I decided to become a member on this forum, instead of just an observer. I've gotten a great deal out of it so far, and I've appreciated many have been to discussing the various facets of trading.

    However, of course I've noticed many. . .many many many.... Who are fighting, or just outright failing. And a few.

    I have been able to do so for a full time income for many years now, but along the way there are many, many tools I had to find, develop, and increase my tool kit in order to do so with almost any lasting success.

    I believe some are just not cut out to do so.... In precisely the same way not everyone is cut out to be a pilot, an interior decorator, or even an engineer.

    However, I also think there are many who could, but have not yet learned what it is that they need to in order to perform this with some amount of standard achievement.

    When I had to speculate on a number, I'd say probably 50 percent of those who try probably will constantly struggle, possibly 25% could do it successfully, but likely lack the raw talent (for lack of better term ) to make it big (but might become skillful, and also make some cash over time), and then there are probably about 25% that try who really can become rather great, and create a very good full time earnings or even get really rich, but lack the resources to do it properly.

    So, the idea with this thread is to explain a few of the instruments that I believe almost every fighting trader could benefit from, and give folks an opportunity to possibly see something or try something that they haven't tried or seen before... be it a new sort of analysis, or even looking at a psych issue, or cash management, or whatever.

    Something like a menu of components and skills. . .all of which should be considered if you would like to boost your trading.

    Oh, and BTW: feel free to post a question, cause of sucking (I know. . I understand. Sounds like some thing else) , the case study, personal situation, personal trading conflicts, etc. I will not continue this much whether it is mostly a monologue.

    For the time being, I've limited this to be a thread which requires at least 1 rep to take part in, because I need at least a few standard of posts, also allowing ANYONE to article can result in a lot of off topic and even ty thread interactions in a thread in this way.

    IF YOU WANT TO POST BUT DON'T HAVE 1 REP: send me a PM, and I will set you on the list so you can contribute... I think if someone is willing to make the effort to send me a PM with why they would like to post here, they're likely sincere enough in wanting to take part in an objective, honest, eduional, tounge in cheek sort of thread.

    With that said, I am going to start with the inaugural why you suck trading post under -

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Because I cant kick me in my ass....So feel free to have a whack...

    Whos up ? Slim....you has to be sprinkled round under a bridge somewhere....
    Great call! You should be a professional!

    ....mind you he's your shadow about here, bit like a lost puppy searching for a pat on the head...

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    I suck seriously. Being gaming from day one and have gotten smoked. The problem is I have a large threshold for pain. I was enjoying with 10k a group 9ball, therefore having heart wasn't the issue when I was 16. My positions are way to big but, I like the activity and that statement sounds sickening. Going balls to the wall isn't necessary a bad thing once I receive it. I can make it until then. Any aid through this procedure will be greatly valued.

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    Buffett that was slim made a pretty good call assess his diary to see what happens when you're too filled with yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Great call! With predictions such as that you ought to be an ace!

    ....mind you he's the shadow about here, bit like a lost puppy searching for a pat on the head....
    Hey Mutts
    . . .It's why the beagles are an elite group. But weren't infallible...


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    AH.. .yes. . .the notorious beagles!

    johnnybsmart, bluesteele, 2 2=4x, .

    and their archnemesis/whipping post: .

    Interesting times, I guess.

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    This is bizarre, I couldn't assert a thing to virtually everything in page . If this was posted I might not bleed alot, but my bleeding has ceased and starting to proceed into the side, but others might still bleeding. I hope this could be useful. Nice thread forextraderx enjoy it.

    Btw, what's the spot market. Do I want to build a warehouse to take deliveries or rent one? Or we only trade the contract? I traded stocks the previous few years, this season on currencies. I believe I am ready to take another step.

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    Or have I overlooked the pitch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Of every single tool you can have in trading, I feel that is the one most important one of all.

    You can forget EVERYTHING else if you've honed your capacity to recognize good support and resistance to some masterful degree.

    Why can I say ? Because then you will almost always know at exactly what price level will the market abruptly stop, and move back the other way.

    Believe about it. If you could really nail this well, somehow, you can take trades with 5-10 pip stops, and 20-100 pip targets, risk 1% per transaction, choose...
    Hey Guys'
    I'm newbie from Midland and now I will start trading in Forex.
    I was wondering, if using, Meta trader and Specialist Advice, is a good way to get started. Is that stuff good to start a new commerce? I'm so glad to combine this honorable community of traders. Hope to be able share as far as I have with you, and to learn from you guys here.
    Thanks if you can help Hi everyone,

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