Gambler trading (with some MM), who says it cant be done?
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Thread: Gambler trading (with some MM), who says it cant be done?

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    Notice: Of course I don't advoe this MM for all your capital. This is a extremely large risk, its nothing more than a side project. It's a bonus, for if you ending up being a much better trader than you feel you are, then this will work for you.

    The reason I am posting this is because, there can be others out there who have not thought of this either.

    Take it or leave it. But winning 3 trades in a row using a 1:1 RR, is not especially difficult
    (in my opinion)

    I believe we've all heard the story of the trucker who rolled into Vegas with $100 and parlayed it on Blackjack hands until he had over $100,000.

    The simple fact of the matter is, from a statistical standpoint, this is nearly impossible to perform. Especially when the advantage to get a non card counting Blackjack player that plays each hand perfectly (to acquire the best advantage ), he ends up with only a 48% win ratio.

    But with trading, it is a completely different story.

    Trading is 0% luck, 20% skill, 40% plogy, and 40% patience.

    Gambling via casino games is 95% luck, 5% ability, 0% elsewhere.

    That is the difference.

    Take whatever you would ordinarily risk on 1 commerce, (for me that is 0.5%), just so you do not feel like this is a huge deal. Since its not.

    Say that risk is 100.

    Here is how it goes.Start balance $100 You win commerce 1 = $200 balance You win commerce 2 = $400 balance You win commerce 3 = $800 balance Currently if you lasted this to 6 wins in a row, you'd be around $6400, 7 in a row is $12800... etc As you win more in a row, your chance of losing is raised. Plogically it's challenging to risk all profits on one trade. So this is the mindblowing variant I added to it that. After 3 winners in a row, pull half the balance. 3 wins in a row, really is not tricky to do. After a reduction, withdraw $100 or 10% of profits whichever occurs to be greater (if $2000 is at savings, then we begin with $200 this moment, if $1500 in savings we begin with $150. .) By doing this you guarantee yourself lots of chances to keep trying, to get that winning series (5 gives you very Pleasant profits considering everything you began with) Example scenario:
    Start balance = $100
    Trade 1 = $200

    Trade 2 = $400
    Trade 3 = $800
    Deposit to savings = $400
    prices total = $400
    Trade 4 = LOSS of $400 -- streak over
    Withdraw from savings = $100
    Savings total = $300
    New trade series, begin bal = $100
    Trade 1 = $200
    Trade 2 = $400
    Trade 3 = $800
    Deposit to savings = $400
    Savings total = $700
    Trade 4 = $800
    Trade 5 = $1600
    Trade 6 = $3200
    Deposit to savings = $1600
    Savings total = $2300
    Trade 7 = $3200
    Trade 8 = $6400
    Trade 9 = $12800
    Deposit to savings = $6400
    Savings total = $8000
    I am a firm believer that many professional traders do this as a side project (what other reason would there need be for offering such high leverage, besides a trader not needing to keep much capital in the broker bank, that can be smart) There's absolutely no downside to doing this. The risk/reward is phenomenal. This my friends, is the true reason the CFTC doesn't allow U.S. retail brokers to supply leverage of larger than 50:1 (fine im kidding but it probably doesnt help). Should you insist on trading using a U.S. broker although there is not any law forcing you to do so, then if you would like to risk 100% of account you will require a 200 pip stop loss and 200 pip TP. But if you risk just 50% of the account, using a stop loss of 100 and take profit of 200, you can still double your account every trade. VariationTogether with 1:2 RR and risking 50% to create 100% (rather than risking 100% to create 100 percent ), after 1 winner, you have instant peace of mind. You understand a reduction is only going to move you back to BE.

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    [quote;7254186]Keeping to a gambling theme. Just suppose you had a good trading method rather than just attempt to gamble why not should your decent method win compound your winnings and just assume you own a reduction double on you. R next commerce as in martingale.This is a far safer method to lose your cash if you want too, Just an idea. Have a fantastic week guys[/quote

    Maybe check out this thread (ANOTHER THAT THE TROLLS KILLED) He pops up following a reduction around 6%.

    I have not traded martingale but'm open to thoughts consistently.

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    Renegade. I was only posting a notion. Nobody needs to gamble with forex it's difficult because it is. Martingale isn't recommended but to spice up a commerce or gamble. Why don't you only for pleasure. Be good

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi marijuana, I haven't seen that man trade but it's most likely something similar to the way I exchanged. I nailed oil several times,, 1/ I had pc set waiting for spikes that occurred every so frequently (rare though) 2/ after you understand the range ie oil at the time was 120 -180. In case you have the right setup and you get in at the very low end of range and as soon as it moves up either add rankings every 20 pips (or what ) or compound it into departure. Doing so makes massive returns but in addition, it goes contrary to what some of the FF threads surfaced, but again I really don't...
    Same Billy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Same Billy?
    Hello, I am uncertain what it is you are receiving at sorry.No should bet but you must be in control. I compounded a lot but I didn't just double up I compounded only a part. It all gets down to using a fantastic trading method.
    As for oil spikes, I had some very good software and it worked awesome and quickly it was a shame not too many spikes occurred. In case you need more replies I will gladly speak,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi, I'm not sure what you are receiving at sorry.No need to bet but one has to maintain control. I compounded a lot but I didn't only double up I compounded only a part. It all gets down to using a fantastic trading procedure. In terms of oil spikes, I had a few very good applications and it worked awesome and fast it was a shame not too many spikes happened. If you want more answers I will gladly speak,
    I used to trade Lumber exactly the same manner before on the mobile phone before this shit was online. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    But opinions are like assholes, we bloody have one.
    On the subject of rusty bullet holes. . .When two people kiss, they are forming a long tube with assholes at either ends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Remember folks. . image Carry on...
    Great point and you are correct!!!!!!! Especially since my posts are becoming edited now????? Great luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Next change the channel!
    It is just like a flame, you just can not stop poking it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote it is just like a fire, you just can't stop poking it
    Why? Because maybe you can't do it does not mean somebody else can't!

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