Three Reasons Why Successful Traders Fail In The Beginning
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Thread: Three Reasons Why Successful Traders Fail In The Beginning

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    1. They jump from losing.

    2. They jump from winning positions that become winners.

    3. They cease trading and watch the immense moves pass them .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    1. They leap from losing positions that become winners. 2. They leap from winning positions that become huge winners. 3. They cease trading and watch the immense moves pass them by.
    I will relate a lot.

    1. I close my positions before it hits my SL to lessen the loss. But after a while, it goes into my direction and actually hits my TP once I already closed the commerce with a loss.

    2. I close my trades before it hits my TP due to fear that the price could go back to my entrance price.

    3. I watch the entry signals pass to uncertainty after experiencing the aforementioned.

    I understand this is part of the learning procedure. Jeez

    Below is your proof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    mabe we should not care why other traders are losing money in Currency Market and concentrate on our own transactions
    IMO, to discuss is one of the great way that may be advancing oneself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    They fail because they do not have a system with a positive expectancy. Just
    Yes, I concur with you. . Every trader needs a trading plan in order to be successful. The objective of a trading plan is to provide a frame work in which your decision making is predetermined. When things do not go quite as planned, this will definitely make you relaxed and unemotional, especially.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    1. They leap from losing positions which become winners. 2. They leap from winning positions which become winners. 3. Trading stops and observe the moves that are immense and they pass by.
    Agree till departure

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    When I realised that professional traders do not trade for income, it had a high impact on my trading journey.
    I was so thrilled about this discovery which I shared it with everybody I knew from trading communities. Comprehension and I did not meet with.
    But I held on to this idea and accepted the idea of creating a salary outside trading.
    Now I can exchange to become rich slowly rather than trading for income.
    And I have learned what I need to make an online income. I and that I utilize my skills and my skills, respectively from trading in web company.
    Happy trading!

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    Tell me something.

    My most recent revision of my system involves me considerably increasing the amount of transactions per month but decreasing my losses to only when new movements market crazy enough to cause my losses to be struck. My previous system which has been my system for 2 years did really well and relied upon R ratio.

    I have been trying my most recent method for a month now and I've not suffered one loss but my profit targets not being hit as frequently as they used to. I'm leaving many transactions in 4-6 pips profit and after that paying spread I'm left with even less and because my new exit method (that was the revision to my system) is really strict, it takes away the strain of my SL being struck but it also places me in a situation where I'm getting 4-6 pips and waiting for this big trend move to hit my TP target.

    But then there exists not holy grail. This implies when the price is moving crazy my SL is going to be struck without question when the price moves . I can't predict this one key thing. This means I have some cognitive dissonance thingy going on in my head because in the end when my SL is, say, 20 pips, and I'm getting 4-6 pip transactions a lot due to my new exit method, this implies my R:R is actually 20:4-6. This usually means that the second time I compound, and the price only happens to really go crazy, I'll lose a major part of my gains.

    So, can you guys tell me if I should continue with this strategy for the next 11 months so I can compare my performance using a year of performance of only exiting trades using adjusted 20:60 ratio?

    I feel deep down that my latest revision is only me needing to get rid of the emotion called stress but in reality it'll hurt me in the long run.

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