Neowave and Glenn Neely
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Thread: Neowave and Glenn Neely

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    I acquired his book on mastering elliot waves.

    Just on the 3rd chapter, but I notice he has taken a lot of subjectivity from EW theory.

    Has anybody had experience using his techniques Forex? 1 thing that is excellent about his book is that he addresses special considerations to be used on global markets such as Currency Market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello Sareika,
    Phillwon here. You state you have an indior that builds monowaves, is it that the FX5 Neely Elliott Wave V1.2, I believe this indior is programmed incorrect for Neowaves, as in a constant market like forex you will need the Low and High split by 2 to find the proper waves. Right now I use an moving average, parameters 1, simple, median (H,L/2) it works very nicely but it misses out the small moves. In case you have a different variant that will divide the low and high of each day by 2 can you help please....
    Hi philwon
    I am using moving average as you said but there's a problem here.As the publiion (mastering elliott wave) states we ought to have the price at the middle of a specific time period but the H,L/2 moving average ignores the time period and take the average price into consideration.for instance in a day period with a H,L/2 price we might have some price at the center of the day not necessarily function as H,L/2.

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    Please can any1 help me understand hw 2 utilize the Neely elliotwave indior. I have it in my chart but I dnt knw hw 2 use it 2 predict markets or hw 2 utilize it signals 2 commerce. If I could find any help please I'll be delighted.

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    hello' everybody! I have a difficulty in understanding the rule of proportion. Can anyone look on the charts I've posted and tell me whether the movements are plotted correctly?
    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hello' everybody! I have a problem in understanding the rule of proportion. Can anybody look on the charts I've posted and tell me whether the movements are plotted properly?
    Thank you!
    Looks good for me

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    Hey guys.... I need wave indior too, can anybody help me plz?

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    How do I draw a square foot in mt4? And what would be the parameters of square?

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    After putting those wave mq4, it's more clarity on charts and plotting is easier.

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    Hello Everyone

    Query for you. Imagine a succession of 5 waves, as below with all the sizes indied, could it be an impulsive movement or you also count it as a correction?
    The only point I am wondering about is the ratio of the midst wave into the previous wave which is not more than 1.618 remainder of the rules of the spontaneous patterns are met. Any answer would be great, thanks

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