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Thread: Neowave and Glenn Neely

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    Can I ask what happens after wave C is formed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    can I just ask what happens after wave C is formed?
    Either an x-wave or an impulsive wave will happen if this helps

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    So it could start all over a,b,c?

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote either an x-wave or an impulsive wave will occur if this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Therefore it might actually begin all over again with 1,2,3,4,5 a,b,c? quote

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    Hello guys...
    sorry for the english. .
    Everyone can help me a little bit simply to know how to start from the begging?
    thank you

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    Hi guys,
    In the book, Chapter 3, directional/non-directional activities are described in a square, but nowhere was mentioned what's the typical zoom. The angle increases, When I zoom out and when I zoom inthe angle decreases. What should I do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote That's appropriate while still a junior you cant send PMs. Try to contact website (forum) adminiion to ask the way to hasten the entire membership activation process. quote Its the core element if trading using Neely's method. READ IT. Go into 3rd chapter and the book will become clear. Its a bunch of principles which you'll use in your analysis: retracement principles, building monowaves, reassessing patterns. BEST WAY TO KNOW IS TO ASK. Try it:--RRB- It takes weeks to explain everything about 3rd chapter. Finest way we could go further...
    Hi Sareika,
    Can you still have the monowave indior with you? Would appreciate if you could send it to me

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    Hi friends,
    In page 3-8 of Nelly's Mastering EW
    Rules of Proprtion for Non Directional action are quoted.
    Fig 3-10 signifies Flat and 3-11 Triangle just one

    I know - for Flat and Triangle - the 50% percentage line moves through the maximum w

    However, where this line should be whether Zig-Zag or Expanded Flat or Running Flat? In other words where to loe w

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