A Cautionary Tale
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Thread: A Cautionary Tale

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    I took my first step along the road of trading some 3 decades back now.
    Like many others before me, I thought that I'd crack it in a year or so.
    Like many others before me, I heard the challenging and humbling fact that trading is anything but a fast route to glory and fortune.
    A hundred dead ends followed a hundred'systems'; indiors came and proceeded with an almost dizzying rate; guru's were searched and their information followed-but just their bank accounts climbed (at my cost ).
    As my abilities grew, painfully slowly, I encountered the'elephant in the room' that is capitalization. The withering disappointment of realizing becoming a trader wasn't likely to be enough, and that you had to become a trader WITH a package of cash already to stand some chance, was a blow.
    But still, I persevered.
    At every juncture, if the scale of this challenge seemed to grow bigger, I stepped up to the plate by working and learning tougher and harder and tougher.
    Each and every challenging knock and lifeless finish was met by a determined reaction of work, longer hours, and increased conclusion.
    That I eulogized about reaping the benefits tomorrow from the attempts of today.
    From originally trading through purely the London market hours, I continued through New York.
    From originally finishing a Friday, I immersed myself in further studies throughout the weekend.

    And it came.

    For the most part slowly, and, very occasionally in'eureka' moments.
    I realized one day that I was able to exchange at breakeven or better consistently.
    This drove me forward even tougher. Every moment threw into practicing and studying. I worked harder than I had ever done in my whole life. And I'm 48 years old.
    Wading through a blizzard of'systems' and'methods', I started to realise that my'Edge'(if that is what you call it) wasn't a consequence of any tricksy indiors or EA's, but rather was me, myself. I had, without realizing it, gradually changed my connection with my charts, by becoming where I looked for signs and triggers, to one where Ipersonally, and this is still hard to explain, followed the flow, heard the tune, possibly even known the narrative to some little level.

    3 years down the line, at long last, I now believe I have enough knowledge and skill to remain alive in this business, and to encourage my family and myself.

    Excepting something.

    When I turned around, after 3 decades of complete immersion in what I was doing, I found I had a family.
    4 weeks ago they left me.
    My lovely partner and my two gorgeous boys-gone.
    Tired of a connection with an obsessive who rarely ventured out of his analysis. Weary of the constant promises. Worried sick by the financial ramifiions of no earnings for almost 3 decades.
    Bored of a guy who had seemingly forgotten exactly what his priorities should have been.

    Thus, just remember folks.
    Life is exactly what exists away from your screens.
    The siren song of a brilliant life tomorrow will always seek to draw you back to your desk.
    Learn from my mistake.
    Look after those you love .
    Then exchange with what's left.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    EDIT: in among your posts/threads, u say u are 18. Very wonderful!
    Yeah I'm 18 currently and I found forex Once I was a sophomore in High School (About 16) therefore I'd like to think I have a few years of expertise lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yeah I'm 18 currently and that I discovered FX once I was a sophomore in High School (About 16)...
    just to give u a little more motivation... if u are oblivious yet, you can find other members here using a similar/near-similar era. Benji533,, are some. They've beenforexforum.co.zamembers for a.

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    Hello Interceptor,
    this is a touching story indeed,I actually had a lengthy post but deleted it.
    U feel that the worse has happened,the question today is what would you like to do?
    Only u can truly answer this question, would you need them back? ...u kno sacrifices wld hav to be made either way,
    theres no need for me to advice u on things to do, cant do the thinking for u but I kno if I were in ur shoes. . .MY FAMILY wld be no 1
    goodluck with ur choice, sincerely hope that whatever route u opt to take that U wld be pleased in the end.

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    Thanks for sharing, it is good to have view. Everything about this market is enticing, the patterns, the odds, the risk, the payoff, etc. etc. ).

    I wish you the best on your travels.

    I guess I could consider myself a minimalist trader in that I use the K.I.S.S. method (Keep It Simple Stupid). I use only time frames and support resistance. Even with this though I find myself spending hours studying about the markets.

    I invested the previous 7 years performing something 180 degrees out from trading nevertheless, I draw a lot of parallels from that, which allow me to remain consistent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    only to give u a little more motivation... if u are oblivious yet, you can find other members here using a similar/near-similar era. Benji533,, are some. They've beenforexforum.co.zamembers to get a.
    Add me to that list, LOL I'm 18 too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Add me to that list, LOL I'm 18 too!

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    It's always easy to be smart about someones elses life and actions,but I only want to say that from what I have picked up from your story is that 3 years is not really much in my view for your loved ones to become unsatisfied to leave you simply because of that,or they need to be quite inpatient. So my perception is matters weren't fairly much before your trading,and this struck the bottom of a barrel. Try to think about that.

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    Brilliant vibrant and post thread. I'm one of the lucky ones but did hurt my health marginally.

    It's really tough to quantify the risk/reward ratio (actually ) in life and you see it happening all the time. My wife and didn't have the energy to care to cut as long story and I used to work too hard.

    Anyhow, thank you.

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    Interceptor can totally relate to you.
    I am lucky that I do not have a family since I would probably have had a similar situation.
    But I will relate to you since I find it tough to describe what I do to others, and I also think they do not take it too seriously. They seem to think that their own 9-5 (or more ) jobs are the exact same, and the risk is identical for them (getting fired etc). They see arbitrary charts and yawn, and do not know the passion that's involved.
    Of course your scenario is different, so I apologise if I've made inaccurate presumptions.

    What I satisfied myself with is that trading has taught me about ebb and flow, ying and yang, whatever you would like to call it.

    What I mean is-the benefits are great if you triumph.
    But due to ebb and flow/ying and yang there's always a trade off. For me personally, it's starting work at 6.45am, working in the home by myself, my friends/family not actually being interested/trying to comprehend what I do and the reason why. Oh, and also the fact that a bad day if you've got, then you've lost your money, and you can all do is look in the mirror.

    Quite simply, whether it was easy, everyone would do it. With the capacity for great benefit, there's always equal possibility of the opposite too, which seems to be life generally.
    So to attain success, there's always a cost.
    Having said all that, I hope that things work out with you, and wish you the very best of luck.

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