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Thread: Trading is an Art

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    Fantastic moment.

    Nothis thread isn't gonna ask you to install 3 indiors and when indi A crossed indi B and indi C is extending north then you got a sign. No, probably not.

    A small about the thread starter.
    I exchange for my dwelling. I exchange for my own survival. And I am trying to exchange just like its joyous and funif anxiety and issues never exist. I'm trying to exchange like [in the now]... You read that international bestseller by Eckhart Tolle too, did not you?

    I am 26.
    I've had blown an account or two.
    I've had my confidence astrophe.
    I have had a few Aha-I-got-it-moments.
    I've applied a lot of systems always, posted not.
    I've developed a lot of systems that seem to operate, or not.
    I've wrote my own indior, despite my lousy programming knowledge.
    I have been through a period of sustained negativity.
    I've, due to this, studied fengshui, in effort to improve my fortune.
    I've become a more aware and religious person ever since trading exposed my life's vulnerability.
    I have been earning money in trading FX.

    Have anybody actually begun to turn their trading failures into huge successes following a method? A convention or workshop?
    I doubt most people would and could.
    The secret is that Trading can not be edued.
    While sciences could be edued and formulas to be implemented, trading could not.

    Because its ART. And with artwork, it is possible to only realised. An individual could be guided, but not edued. Its exactly the same as Psychic Reiki Healing, or enlightenment. It's ta be realised.

    At one point of your trading career, you will probably discovered that there is no hardcore formula which may lead you to success. Because regardless of what experts have been telling you, there never was.

    Fibos, Trendlines, Stations, Candlesticks, Patterns, respectively they all work, but they don't work MAGIC. So, they aren't depended on by you, you make them work for you.

    Next, I will demone how I trade.

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    Take Notice on the trendline from Black... I think That Its a Make or Split level there.

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    What you said that trading exposes the dark side of us, is damn accurate. Infact, it brought that I knew not before.
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Great to hear that! That's so Perfect. Its always refreshing to know more folks is realising the fact (though I seem like some spiritual faction here...)
    Trading exposed the dark side of humankind. Face it and you shall prevail...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    this is a good thread till about page 4 if it it took it is normal evolution at FF....
    Um... One thing around a nail and hitting it on the head

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    um... Something about a nail and hitting it on the head
    hmmmm...???? Not certain what you ment on the answer.

    I think this is a fantastic thread, a few previous concepts put up with new thinking... I am enjoying it. Hope it can stay on course...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hmmmm...???? Not sure what you ment on the reply.

    I think this is a fantastic thread, some old theories put up with new thinking... I am enjoying it. Hope it can stay on course....
    Seems like someone hit you on the head... Anyhow nevermind...

    Carry on

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    sounds like somebody hit you on the head... Anyway nevermind...

    Carry on
    kool kool Cindy, fantastic trading to you!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    kool kool Cindy, good trading for you!!
    No Probs Apocalypto was just agreeing with you, I possibly wrote that before I saw it return on course anyway

    I will attempt to redeem myself with some thing on topic

    I visit the market stop has just been hit for the southern trade now and going nicely... The Break of 400 didnt quite work out - BE maybe

    Can there be a solution to this madness or is the lemming cliff jump the process ?

    Personally, I wouldnt trade this manner, the entrance IMO is extremely late. /Really a spot to get picked up at a sterile car by a stranger, taken into the wharf and taken at the back of the mind lol Sorry bit picture

    How is he/are you choosing those break out points? Or would this be giving the 7 spices and herbs ?

    I did read the whole thread, actually very first one I have in a while and I like the positiveness the OP conveys. Is currently choosing these points, did I overlook something?

    Only curious


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    AFAIK the method is optional... Like the LONG on the EU yesterday... Buying into Resistance on the H4... Not advisable... I chose the trade on a demo account to see whether it was in fact something special that I hadn't counted on (as volume, momentum and force were still pointing upward at the time), and yes the short out of that Buy level could have been the very best option... So the method requires you to use your discretion, and also from what I can see there is a fair quantity of analysis which goes into making these LONG/SHORT calls.

    The brief call went for over 70 pips easily (a bit late... Sure) before turning around...

    But the baron stress the requirement for worry free trading, whether this method provides that remains to be seen... I shall put out a few price alerts and assess the validity of these calls as they come in, but from my point of view it certainly is a creative and innovative way of looking at the markets...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    At one point of your trading career, you will probably discovered that there is no hardcore formulation that could lead you to victory. Because regardless of what experts have been telling you, there was.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Next, I will show you how I trade.
    That is great of you.

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