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    Along with Trading Rules I am working on a written Trading Program.

    I've a Daily Trading Log in procedure, Also. I am basically trying to formalize my approach to reform and trading it..to result in a more professional approach.

    Check out the T2W Trading Plan Template (see attached) a big Thanks to Silverheat for the link. I am getting alot from this record.

    I imagine that the majority of people who aspire to get traders - daytraders trading electronically - return into that aspiration by several means but in general they're independently. They begin trading and find a loion like forum where there is a bewildering number of Opinion, Guie, Information, and Junk. Its not like they're coming into a project where someone states: OK, this is how we do things here this is what we expect of you. No, you basically must negotiate this maze and get to the cheese as best possible.

    Is it any wonder so many neglect?

    So, anytime it may be a great idea for anybody in this situation to step back and have a great look at what they're doing. What is my Plan? What are my criteria? What am I doing and how can I improve this? What are my bad habits - what am I doing wrong how can I cure that? Where I'm at, this is.

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    . . .it is so important to follow one's trading program. Your egy might not be ideal, and it may not operate constantly. If, however, you are supposed to build confidence in your decision and prepare yourself to behave with integrity, there's no alternative to following the ideas you believe to be correct. You can't build confidence by abandoning your convictions and contradicting your senses. The clearer you are about your market views, mapping out your actions under different scenarios and your rationale behind trades, the easier it's going to be to act on your decision and see, in your experience, your progress and expansion.

    - from The Daily Trading Coach - Steenbarger

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    I went through the T2W Trading Plan over the weekend and the draft I have so much is attached as a Word document. Components are missing - I have several egies that I commerce and people take the longest to think about write up. But you will not have the same egies like I do, anyway - if anybody is interested, that's....

    The Rules segment hasn't yet been edited - these exhibited are the classics contained from the original template. My Rules will be some thing different and much more unique to my difficulties - and yours should be, too....

    Anyhow, I hope someone gets some use from the document. I have found it a fantastic exercise will continue to work with this.

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    Thanks for that Fool a very comprehensive plan it surely is...I read something here onforexforum.co.zaa few weeks back but sorry I do not know who published it but thought it was excellent in the fact it covered a lot of plogical factors and also to be really worth while...I hope they dont mind me copying it as I recall I wrote it down but was having a few computer probs at the time so ideally should be fine.

    It was an extract from some Korean martial arts named Kum Da called the Four Poisons that they being as follows:

    1 Fear
    two Confusion
    3 Hesitation
    4 Surprise

    a You replace FEAR with faith on your trading egy (eg. Like using stop/loss)
    b You replace CONFUSION with mindset of becoming comfortable with uncertainty. ( every trade is really in the anonymous )
    c You replace HESITATION with decisive action ( self explanatory )
    d You replace SURPRISE with taking nothing for granted ( eg. Assume nothing)
    I have added a few notes to each.

    In all these facets most traders would have come across all these feelings I know I have and by going through those mantras each day to me was a fantastic learning.Hope you come out of your trading gap allright we have all been in them ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hope you come from your trading gap allright we have all been in them eh?
    Thanks, siboy, I will be fine. Hope things are going well with you, also.

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    Read some of the things on http://forex.fxdd.com. Simplifies a lot of stuff. Look for articles from Greg Michalowski.

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