New GFT Foresight AI service - any comments?
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Thread: New GFT Foresight AI service - any comments?

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    I have been curious about this support for a few weeks. The support plots a price chart for the following day. I contacted them and I asked them to update the charts onto their site daily so I could observe the good and the bad. To my shock, they did.


    The price is heavy. They want $500 a month and need a balance on your GFT account. I'm small time, so that is a large bit of change for me personally. But, I can see how such a signal, even on the worst day I have seen up to now, could keep me from the black.

    I'm not a big fan of the platform, but I am becoming a big fan of the service.

    Has anyone attempted this in real time?

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    I have to say, after opening my account with GFT per month ago, they've continued to provide me this signal free as a demo. Day after day I watch it and there can be no doubt that whatever mechanism is behind it is'on to something'. The correlation between the signal and the price action is actual.

    That being said, the loosness and slop from the signal makes it VERY hard to trade. It throws me off more often I am led by it in the direction that is correct. It is confounding, fascinating and unworthy. They offer a course, but you have to fly into a airport hotel and drop some serious money to take it.

    I am sticking to my methods and doing fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It appears GFT has now included ALL 13 FX pairs for the price of $500 instead of having to buy them separately for $500 each. I guess it isn't advertising as well for them as they hoped.
    True ...

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    I'd love to make a few comments on this post to see if I could shed some light on the topic, but :

    1) I'm not forming any bias towards anybody else and would appreciate if you would do the exact same for me.
    Two ) I do not represent GFT or possess any professional affiliation with them, besides being a client and finally,
    3) I am a trader by profession -- I don't teach and I don't help in the attempts of other people interested in learning this intrie career as it is much too distracting. I'm presenting this information to help in people who are utilizing Foresight to increase their chances for success.

    Foresight A.I was designed by Larry Pesavento of Tucson, Arizona. It should never be used and had been intended to compliment present egies. I spent three days with Mr. Pesavento in Phoenix January 29th through February 1st because of his conference sponsored by GFT. I've been to roughly a dozen conventions, but that is actually the first one I felt offered a sophistied analysis covering A to Z and everything in between. The seminar was particularly useful since he discusses the fundamentals behind many patterns and Fib ratios together with the maximum probability for triumph that correlate with Foresight. The patterns he teaches to recognize and also the Fib ratios that are connected with them are available in his publiion”Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition.” Although you may discover thorough information on his principal patterns, the Gartley”222” and Gartley Butterfly Extension, on the web, I suggest you pick up his book should you want to chase Foresight. Foresight, being a timing tool, is the final measure of his analysis. The steps taken prior to entry must be complimented by it. Most significant, the inversion, while a nuisance, is easily detectable since the patterns ought to reveal conclusion. As an example, if a pattern has finished and is showing the market is due for a correction and Foresight is indiing this stage is a high/low for this fashion, then you simply have double confirmation prior to entry. Additionally check other correlating currencies to see if a pattern exists that compliments your analysis. I exchange the 1) Eur/USD 2) GBP/USD (Both correlate by 90%) and the 3) USD/CHF 4) USD/JPY (both correlate by 90%). While 1 and 2 correlate with one another, and 3 and 4 correlate with one another, 2 and 1 move to 4 and 3. Quite simply, you would never really go on 1 and 2 or 3 and 4, etc.. The transactions would simply cancel each other out.


    1) When a pattern is revealing a correction, you have single confirmation.
    2) In case a second correlating currency is demoning a correction, you have double confirmation. For instance: Eur/USD is revealing a pattern conclusion as is your GBP/USD, which means a bullish correction, you have double confirmation.
    3) In case Foresight is revealing the corrections timing is also correct, you would then of course have triple confirmation.
    4) If the inversely moving currency pair(s) is/are revealing an inversed correction, you now have four confirmations allowing a greater probability for a prosperous commerce.

    Pesavento made Foresight to compliment those patterns. That's why I am mentioning that. These patterns improve your odds for success in a major way. I can not reveal my trading results since doing so would flout my contract with the Commodity Pool that I manage, but I am confident to say that this systematic egy should enable 7 from 10 successful transactions -- and the few that you lose, you ought to be losing very little as the account management doesn't allow for large losses.

    I'm open for questions or comment if anyone desires...

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    What you say makes sense. If I want to cross-correlate a sign 7 ways to Sunday before I trade it it is not $500 / month worth for me.

    This sign is sloppy. The turnarounds may be HOURS off and for its first few hours, it may be made to match market action either as specified or inverted. I ended up spending a lot more time checking my trading egies than I spent checking Forsight for timing or anything else searching for leadership.

    It's worth about as much to me as a moving average, and those are free.

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    All that matters is that you recognize what works well for you and what does not. There isn't much more to it. I wish you.

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    I'm very curious to know if you trade with this sign on a normal basis. Iread exactly what the salesmen wrote,'ve seen the movie and attempted to trade using it. I couldn't find the value.

    I opened a GFT account for the sole purpose of utilizing this indior. That I was. I'm quite near shutting the account. Did I miss something?

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    I had been trading using the exact same analysis techniques for quite a very long time that accolade Pesavento's egies greater than 80%. And why not - these techniques have been in existence for years. Though finding these steps on elsewhere or the internet appears to be hard to find because everyone is attempting to find something new that works. The stuff works fine. Buffet and Cohen use the same methods. Anyhow, I had been very successful over the years without Foresight...

    GFT was very clever as it came into Foresight. The nature of the indior really works hand because he designed it to do just that. It is almost as in the event that you have to spend the $2500 to find out his methods in order for Foresight to work for you. After going to Phoenix, I chose to throw the indior onto my account and see what happens. To be honest, without knowing Pesavento's trading methodology, I will see how easy it's to undergo obscurity trading. However, after knowing Pesavento's methodology and adding a few tweaks for my current egies, my success rate has enhanced - not dramatically, but sufficient to pay the $500 a month and then some. I feel it would be prudent for GFT to release the methodology in enormous detail of Pesavento in order to help with this item. Trading, generally speaking, is not about entering following a easy EMA crossover of course. Before entering into a contract, a trader must use actions that compliment one another. Added the chances for success. Foresight is an additional step for my approaches, which correlates with Pesavento's rather nicely. Perhaps that is why it works for me.

    The seminar in Phoenix was somewhat rusty. This was their third seminar with Pesavento and they had some bugs to work out. It was likewise an innovative course, so beginners would have difficulty. It may take up of 3 weeks to get a beginner to really ch on. There were a few novices and I have been in touch since I understood the material. I managed to guide them in the correct bearing. They appear to be carrying onto it well now.

    A few pointers. Foresight's indior may be off as much as an hour, although the trends appear to line up fairly nicely. I have discovered that Foresight appears to indie a trend reversal quite that you would find in generally acceptable candle patterns. In particular, and in order of importance:

    1) Tweezers
    two ) Doji
    3) Shooting stars
    4) Hammers and Exotic Men

    Follow the present trend and, if Foresight is indiing a reversal, start looking for them. They're invaluable in the success of Foresight. Also, let an additional candle to shape, wait for the candle to finish and finish to validate the reversal , then input. This egy would make a tremendous difference in your profit:reduction ratio. I would suggest buying Fibonacci Ratios with Pattern Recognition. It is about the closest thing you can get to the methodology of Pesavento without dishing out the $2500 to find out from him directly. It is an awful lot of cash.

    If these patterns are in the end of a Gartley or Gartley Butterfly, or possibly a simple ABCD pattern, AND Foresight is also indiing the trend reversal you#8217;ve got yourself an entry.

    Make sense? If you have questions, I#8217;d be glad to help however I'll #8230;

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    Sorry I,m new
    Did somebody come across pyrapoint indior made for mt4?

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    It appears GFT has now included ALL 13 forex pairs for the price of $500 instead of having to purchase them for $500 each. I guess it isn't selling as well for them as they expected.

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