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    This journal is principally set up for me to hold myself accountable for my new trading platform. Perhaps in the future I shall publish my trading egy, but at this point it's in the testing stage and I would rather not be held morally accountable for any monetary loss.

    So without further ado this journal is born November 9th 2008.

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    Nov. 11th's balance 15.82$ 0.60%

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    Nov. 12th's equilibrium 27.89$
    A ccount percent gain since journal start = 1.60%

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    Nov. 13th's equilibrium 38.92$
    A ccount percent profit since journal beginning = 3.30 percent

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    I think I will just update once a week.

    Dec. 5th
    A ccount percent gain since journal beginning = 47%

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    Good Fortune Verto! I decided I would come read some of the stuff as you've been kind enough to comment on my ideas. It looks like you do making an extremely healthy profit every day. I wish I wasn't so lazy and more were posted by me in my trading diary. I guess it is the chart that I post, I really feel as I don't need to update. I am glad you are holding yourself accountable, it will help you out a LOT.

    Again, best of luck!

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