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    Hi guys,

    I've this job in progress. I need to share it for to understand any thoughts about in the comunity for enhancing. It works good during trend and swing periods, and as many others systems, during periods that are choppy it gets some whipsaws.


    (I usually commerce from 08:00 to 17:00 GMT)
    Becareful during news releases

    Time Frame: M5
    Cross: Eur/Usd; Gbp/Usd; Usd/Jpy; Eur/Jpy....and similars

    (Remember: magic numbers does not exist... Feel you free to change something a tiny bit)

    EMA 3
    EMA 5
    LWMA 60 (it is like LWMA 20 in M15 [20*3=60]) At the moment I changed this with 20 LWMA
    LWMA 165 (LWMA 55 in M15) At the moment I changed this with 60 EMA
    RSI 8 RSI 20
    DM_Volatility (this runs on M5 M15) Require BBVolatility MTF in place #9

    I love to create EA, therefore I use very mechanics rules...


    Only Long if LWMA 60 gt; LWMA 165 At the moment I changed this values
    Only Brief if LWMA 60 lt; LWMA 165

    DM_Volatility must be gt;= 0.0004 in M5 M15 (with BBVolatility MTF you'll be able to view them togheter)
    (this indior can prevent some whipsaws although not all, really I'am looking for an afterthought, possibly ADX on various Time Frame... I want period)

    entry signal (extended) if EMA 3 cross upper EMA 5 along with RSI 20 is gt; 50

    (If rules concur from the last bar but not the volatility, it is possible to enter during the real one when DM volatility moves gt;= 0.0004)

    For short entry vice-versa

    VERY IMPORTANT: I like to take my conclusions only on closed bars , when the last bar close with my state that I go indoors at the open of the new one... the same for exit

    exit (extended) 1'OPTION EMA 3 cross EMA 5 from the leadership (ema3 lt;= ema5)
    2'OPTION (quick exit) EMA 5 (last closed bar) is lt; EMA 5 previous bar

    I have not money direction fixed rules, also this is a work in progress...

    I use only a fixed stop reduction of 20/25 pips

    Here below a few exemple (I compute my entries thinking to be an EA):

    I'am aviable on skype for chat.... Vurbileron (Italy)

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    Red line Signifies entry Sign condition Okay
    White line Signifies Depart

    Every day I learn something new from errors, and new Thoughts came from

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    What exactly have the results been like?

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    Sounds intriguing. I'll give it a try in the morning.

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    Hi. I enjoy how you are using the RSI indiors and the MAs. I'm not sure the volocity indi will help since it is pretty much is over .0004. Why you have it all there but I know. When all are under, I would make sure to go when all indis are above each other and go. On a few of your transactions on your charts I am not sure if you did. It should work out 10, if you use two timeframes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So what have the results been like?
    The outcomes are that in the pictures, however I use an EA to shoot this entrances and sometime this bad-guy input when it have not to take action... maybe errors in the code or something besides, the pictures are cleaned (they're how the system need to run...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi. I like how you are currently using the RSI indiors and the MAs. I'm unsure the volocity indi will help much since it is pretty much is always over .0004. Why you've got it all there, however, I know. When are under I would make sure to go when all indis are over one another and simply go short. On some of your trades on your own charts I am not positive if you did. It should work out 10, if you use two timeframes.
    Yeah, it is consistently over 0.0004.... I Want to enhance it, I feel

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    I've Got a new idea for to Update the Depart reules (they get Frequently the Sign too late)

    I Recall to everyone that I Would like to make an EA, so my Strategy is completely mechanic...

    Depart when:

    (long example)
    EMA5(of the last closed bar) is lt; of EMA5(of the Preceding one)

    Perhaps sometimes this rule will make you Depart from Your Transaction too early, but is Far Better than to see Burnt Large part of your actual profit

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    attempt this indi. This is quite similar(little different) to DM_Volatility and exhibits MTF.


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    You may have the ability to simplify a bit, ema's and rsi replie each other. If price above/below say 8 ema afterward 8 rsi will probably be above/below its own 50 lineup according to attached chart. Same for 20 ema, 20 rsi etc.

    Anyhow that would reduce the number of items needed to consider without really endangering your system.

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