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Thread: Spot FX Day Traders Thread

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    This thread is for spot Foreign Exchange day trader's to post their trades, posts rumors about large orders and discuss live economic events affecting Foreign Exchange trading. Trades for intervals is fine as long as you post supporting charts.

    I.e. don't only say, I believe Euro could hit 1.51 in 3 months without posting a chart detailing the specialized fracture or fib extension or whatever other reason you are creating your claim. These types of posts are unhelpful and bothersome .

    Please note links such as this:

    [Long/short] [pair] [entrance] [stop reduction] [take profit]

    Most importantly do not be rude to anybody else on the ribbon.

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    I am long USD/JPY 90.85 s/l 90.37 t/p 93.6

    I enjoy that we've shaken off the o/b conditions on the dailies with this bout of USD weakness. . Unless 90.4 breaks down in which case I'll be unhappy the next attempt on 94 should have some legs behind it

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    Hey Pippy.

    I'm also long UJ. I have been accumulating a position. My typical price is 91.08. I will leave this open, although Got ta go then and work out soon. I'm pretty sure it is headed up to the short term.

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    This seems great start at Currency Market factory!

    (position tanks with no stop)

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    I feel good about our odds. . Check the spinning tops in EUR/USD and the USD index. . I thought Euro would tank and it probably would have were it not.

    NOW that the USD will rebound lt;gulpgt;

    I've a huge sum of money on this . . I can hardly look

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    Yeah, I'd more than my position on it. I scaled in my position from 91.34 down to 90.76 with my typical being 91.08, along with a larger position than I wanted. Closed portion of it in 91.22. Holding the final contract to get a rebound that is more sizeable.

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    We had a great start but we posted Mt. Fuji on today's Nikkei chart. . It seems really bad to tell you the facts. .

    But that I won't be alert when the drawback is analyzed. . I'm thinking there will be orders galore 90.5

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    I myself. I shorted the aud night but bailed for a wonderful profit now. I think that the eur and aud will make a wonderful go down, but for today I'm hanging out and waiting to get back in short.

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    So my position is closed, UJ reach my target. I'd be cautious with a long. It looks ugly about the daily and hourly charts. I will be waiting for action in the 90 place for another entry.

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    Should EU get's around 1.46 I will be looking at a potential short if the action is right. Probably a short-term commerce though because it's in a pretty strong uptrend.

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